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    86 Bronco ii

    Selling my 86 Bronco ii. 2.8 v6 with an auto trans. 4X4 still works. Transmission is leaking and starting to go so I’d definitely recommend trailering it. I’ve had the truck a very long time but starting a family soon and it needs a better home. As you can tell from the photos it’s not in the...
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    76 2.8 swap

    Update on the tear down of the 76 2.8:yahoo: Engine is tore down completely, found no mechanical damage or scoring. I will be cleaning, labeling, and checking parts the next week or so. As well as ordering parts for my 85 B2 to do the dura spark conversion. I plan to use the distributor from the...
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    76 2.8 swap

    Update: what is the best place online to start shopping for rebuild parts? Like gasket kits oversized Pistons, bearings, and engine externals like the fan and everything? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    76 2.8 swap

    Hey guys I've been piecing together everything I need for my duraspark conversion as well as finding an intake manifold for my 85 2.8 BII. Low and behold I literally got a 2.8 given to me for free that I haven't found anything wrong with. I pulled it from a 76 mustang II. Is there any reason...
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    85 bronco wants to die when accelerated

    Sounds like it a carb issue to me. Maybe when you rebuilt it you didn't get everything cleaned fully. I haven't rebuilt my 2brl yet but will be this weekend, I have the same issue. Experience in the motorcycle world tells me I have transfer ports clogged up.
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    Removing smog/air pump

    Hey everyone. I'm wanting to remove all of the smog control from my truck, but I can't remember everything that I had to do. My Grandfather always took them off of the older vehicles, but sadly he is not around to ask for guidance anymore. I wish I had the foresight as a kid and made that man...
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    Quick question, Just need more opinions

    Hey guys, haven't posted in a long time. Had a lot going on with college, moving, and working on my new house. Anyways I have noticed that my 85 bronco II auto 4X4 isn't pulling as hard anymore. It's shifting fine, down shifts into passing gear fine, but when it does the RPMs go up transmission...
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    Losing voltage????

    Hey guys this one has me stumped. 1985 bronco ii 2.8. Battery is good and only a year old. My bronco is losing voltage intermittently though. This started a few days ago. Lights went dim and using anything extra ( signal, wiper etc.) killed the radio. Drove it home and shut it off wouldn't...
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    85 B2 Headliner replacement

    Hello, I'm new to the site and have recently acquired a 85 B2 XLT. It came with new headliner fabric still in a plastic wrapped roll, The cab itself is just the metal roof. What else do I need and if there a Article on how to put the headliner in? I'm a mechanical guy not a interior guy so new...