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    1989 Bronco II 2WD - Summit County CO

    I sent you an email the other day, shared a google drive folder with photos, as well as a document that has maintenance records. Let me know if you havent gotten my message or need more info, Im not on the forum much butI do frequently check my personal email: lsullivan0202@gmail.com
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    1989 Bronco II 2WD - Summit County CO

    Like I said hombre, reach out! I have been pretty swamped this week and didnt have many stock photos laying around. I was planning to take detailed photos when someone showed interest. But for starters, here are the two basic stock photos, I can take more tomorrow (hopefully before dark....) if...
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    1989 Bronco II 2WD - Summit County CO

    We have loved this vehicle for the past 3 years, have taken care of it and kept meticulous service records. Living in the mountains has given us plenty of opportunity to take this bad boy off road and through the snow. Handles great, runs well but has some expected work for such an old vehicle...