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    Picking up my next B2 Project

    Hey thats a great looking truck , Keep us posted .
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    The Curt Hitch came in for the rear , 30LBS. Mounts with 2, 7/16 bolts to bumper and four 1/2 inch Carriage bolts with plates that i need to drop down from the inside of the frame , a notch need's to be made in two spots on the bumper rubber molding. I think I need to get a bit of a lift and...
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    My 87 daily driver , weekend warrior.

    Here is my 87 Bronco II , purchased for a daily driver . I was looking for a Ranger but couldn't pass this one up. It has 186,000 on it , well maintained , newer heads , rebuilt trans , recent paint.I have every receipt for anything ever done to it all the way back to the window sticker. So...
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    Thanks for the input , I have a Curt hitch on the way from E-trailer for the rear , but i think a lift kit would come before the front hitch.
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    Rare options , rear flip up window on a 87.

    I was looking at the articles and saw that the rear flip up window was a early option , I have one on my 87 , and it is listed on the original window sticker. I will post some pic's soon , I just replaced the struts on it yesterday .
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    Anyone know where i can get a front mount hitch for a 87 BII ??
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    89 b2 build

    I was just looking at power steering upgrades today , My 87 pump whines a bit , what type of pump are you using ?
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    87 BII 3G alternator upgrades.

    My current problems to weed out are that my signal lights , heater blower and power windows slow when the headlights are on. I do plan to install a heavy duty headlamp wiring kit from LMC or Jeff's but also think i need to do at least a small case 95 amp 3G alternator upgrade. I would also...
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    351W in to 1985 chassis

    A note on Ford small block water pumps , A small block V-8 water pump from a Early Bronco up to 1977 or a small block water pump up to 1969 is shorter than a passenger car or truck water pump from 1970 on , the bottom hose is on the passenger side. A Explorer 5.O is even be shorter but you...
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    87 B2 drivers seat bracket needed

    Hello , I just purchased a Mint condition 87 Bronco II and the only thing missing is the drivers seat and bracket , It was was replaced at some time with aftermarket. I am in Connecticut and have been to or called all salvage yards within 50 miles. NO LUCK not one B2 around for parts. If you...