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    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Finished the bed liner coating on the lower part of the truck. came out pretty good. now just waiting on the new tailgate handle to see if I can make that work.
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    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Bottom edges of the B2 were pretty rusty and i dont plan on re painting the old girl. so some POR15 on the bad spots and spray truck bed liner along the bottom edge it is! letting it dry for atleast a day before i pull the tape off. Maybe i will work on fixing my dash lights next.
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    Broken Tail Gate Handle

    Looking for some help with fixing my lift gate handle. I know this has been covered but alas I happen to have 84. however my door locks dont match the lift gate key cylinder anymore anyways. So I don't care if I can lock it. Original handle is broken off on the inside, so it is no longer...
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    No dash lights.

    Sorry if this has been covered tried searching. Anyways... As stated im having dash lighting issues in my 84 BII. The seatbelt and high beam lights work. But none of the other in the dash come on. Ive checked fuses. Changed all the dash bulbs. And tried a new headlight switch thinking maybe the...
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    1984 bronco 2 project

    More pictures
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    1984 bronco 2 project

    Ok i got it now here she is. Mismatch colors because it has a newer front end style.
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    1984 bronco 2 project

    Hey everybody new guy here. Also new to broncos and just picked up my first one this week. Got an 84 in pretty good shape but she needs a little tlc and i may need help and advice along the way so that is why I'm here. Im a mechanic by trade so all the stuff under the hood i can handle. But the...