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  1. Chevelle Kid

    Tony Raine's Bronco II

    Wanna sell that D-side mirror off of that 150? I need one bad for my FSB
  2. Chevelle Kid

    Removing back glass for steel panel....

    Figure the visibility of a van. And no I found the pic on google. Look up Line X Bronco II.
  3. Chevelle Kid

    4x4 to 2wd swap

    To make Ranger beams fit you have to change the engine cross member for a 2wd Ranger one. The 2wd B2 used basically stripped out 4wd parts, they were never really meant to be 2wd. But lowered ones are badass.
  4. Chevelle Kid

    Full Width on 33's or 35's

    Hmm yeah all 18 posts of wisdom you have. If you want to do a SAS go bigger (35's or 37's) or face the fact that you should stick with a TTB. But you probably heard a few people who didn't know what they were doing and were misinformed on how capable the TTB can be.
  5. Chevelle Kid

    Full Width on 33's or 35's

    I will note that I am not bashing SAS trucks, if I had another truck I'd SAS it on one tons. I mean hell 59's B2 is worth selling a kidney over....
  6. Chevelle Kid

    Full Width on 33's or 35's

    And it's comments like that is why we're going to assume you're a moron. The only advantage that a solid axle has over a TTB suspension is that it is so primitive it takes little intelligence and creativity to optimize.
  7. Chevelle Kid

    No idea what to do =/

    I'll trade you my 31s for your 33s...lol BFGs with 60% tread driven on daily...lol
  8. Chevelle Kid

    Metal Retaining Clip

    Mine is off a BW-1354 with cruse, you think it'll work?
  9. Chevelle Kid

    Metal Retaining Clip

    I might have a spare. Lemme check and you can have it
  10. Chevelle Kid

    New Broncoii

    Yeah, I have 31-10.5s on my stock Ranger wheels. You can do any size just as long as you keep the width below 10.5 Ben
  11. Chevelle Kid

    Seriously confused by 94 Explorer

    yours are plastic ours are aluminum...lol
  12. Chevelle Kid

    Seriously confused by 94 Explorer

    The fouled plugs on one bank (drivers side on mine) is a sign of the loose intake bolt problem that is very common on the early 4.0s http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/4_0-loose-intake-bolts.html Ben
  13. Chevelle Kid

    1989 Bronco ii project

    Wow a bumper bigger than mine!
  14. Chevelle Kid

    Pillar Mount Off Road lights

    Nice, except I'm not sure how well it'd hold up to a big branch or a vine or something wrapping around it. I like how it looks though!
  15. Chevelle Kid

    towing with the b2

    Flat tow? sure, but I wouldn't go far. Trailer? no way in hell.
  16. Chevelle Kid

    My Bronco 2

    Love the B2 man, can't wait to see the bumper mounted!
  17. Chevelle Kid

    Surprise, surprise!

    And either way you will be changing starters, 4.0 starter differs between auto and manual.