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  1. the99camaro

    v8 swap and lift questions

    I'm currently in the middle of swapping a c4 and a 302 into an 88 bronco 2. Also has been lifted 4 inches. My question is the stock rear drive shaft in an 88 looks really weak like a tooth pick so I was at the junk yard today and stole a manual t case from an 84 b2 and also took the drive shafts...
  2. the99camaro

    proud new owner

    I love that paint job, I was going to do something similar with mine but I still don't know yet
  3. the99camaro

    Finally got the B2 lifted

    I know it's not the best but it's cheap. My friend has a recently rebuilt 302 from a 84 mustang gt. It has a cam but the rest is pretty stock for $800.
  4. the99camaro

    Finally got the B2 lifted

    yeah I know that will be fixed down the road. It was there I just recently ripped it off it was hanging by a thread.
  5. the99camaro

    Finally got the B2 lifted

    front is a little high, there's still no motor in it let me know what you think:yahoo:
  6. the99camaro

    Diecast Bronco II's

    I have the pizza delivery one too new in the box never opened anyone say collectors item.
  7. the99camaro

    junkyard find

    I was in the junkyard today browsing and found this. Never saw anything like it, is it factory or aftermarket. It was an 84 or 85 couldn't tell they removed the sticker on the door also had rear hatch with openable window, knew they existed but never saw one in person
  8. the99camaro

    5 on 5.5

    will 5 on 5.5 lug wheels work on bronco 2 with 7.5 axle
  9. the99camaro

    alignment bushings

    need help finding cheap alignment bushings for 88 bronco 2, needs to be 0 to at least 3 1/8 degrees
  10. the99camaro

    gt-500 hood

    no one has any information on this please need some help
  11. the99camaro

    gt-500 hood

    hey was wondering is there anyway possible at all of getting a gt-500 hood for 88 bronco 2 they make one for 93-97 rangers I really like this style and it goes with my project i'm working on I don't won't a cowl hood or mach 1 hood those are the only ones I can find thanks for any help her is...