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  1. 88BII

    rear springs

    i was thinking about a set of f150 springs, my front springs are 10'' superlift leafs and i need to level the back with springs and a 4'' block
  2. 88BII

    rear springs

    is there any other spring that is the same length as the bronco 2 spring? like an f150 0r something like that? doing a sas and need rear springs, some where in the neighbor hood of 6''.
  3. 88BII

    auto hubs

    i busted a manual hub last night and the only hubs i had at the house were auto hubs. i installed all the auto parts and then the hub its self, but my for wheel wont work??? i have a manual case. jw what i did wrong or if i did any thing wrong. lmk
  4. 88BII

    rear drive shaft

    i spun mine in a parking lot. imo they are the worst thing that fords came up with.
  5. 88BII

    bronco II cv drive shaft swap

    try your local auto parts store. i picked mine up for $220 brand new from advanced auto parts. im in florida. you might not have one where you live.
  6. 88BII

    starter soleniod wiring?

    the 2 smaller post should be labeled with an s or a. hook the small plug up to the "S" for stater. there should be 2 other wires that are fusible links the hook up on the battery side of the solenoid. lmk if ne prob.