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  1. MeanMark87

    '88 Bronco II for sale (MN) $1200

    '88 Bronco II for sale (MN) $900 - price drop Selling my B2 :bawling: I put $900 as a price but I have no real idea what they're going for right now. I would be willing to negotiate. Some issues but runs strong and drives. Interior is actually pretty nice. All the pertinent details are in the...
  2. MeanMark87

    Remove tilt wheel mechanism?

    I'm knee-deep in still trying to fix the B2's steering and as part of that I need to get the tilt mechanism off, but I can't figure out how to do it. I've got everything stripped down, got all the electrical connections off....I took the steering wheel off, removed the snap ring holding the...
  3. MeanMark87

    Replace rear quarter panel?

    So I have been debating about whether to try and repair my rusted out quarter panels/wheel arches on the B2 and I'm starting to lean towards just buying body panels. I've never been big on doing bodywork before, but with this truck I want it to look nice. So my question is, if I bought a panel...
  4. MeanMark87

    MeanMark87's '88 BII Build thread

    Yeah there are pockets of Bondo in the fenders. Near as I can tell, they used a wire mesh backing and then filled the rest in with a combination of bondo and what looks like Great Stuff or some other kind of expanding foam material. Either way it's horseshit. More than likely going to have to...
  5. MeanMark87

    MeanMark87's '88 BII Build thread

    Did a bit on the B2 today. First up I finished grinding down the exhaust flange, then bored out the flange holes to accept some 7/16" bolts. Then I bolted up the new muffler. It's the finest cheapest O'Reilly muffler but it's doing its job. Unfortunately, the way the catalytic converter was...
  6. MeanMark87

    Sloppy steering - steering box?

    The '88 BII project keeps moving along and with each new day comes a new task to tackle. This forum's been awesome in helping me with some of the issues so far, so here's another. The steering has almost a quarter turn of slop in it, and as I mentioned in a nother topic I can feel clunks in the...
  7. MeanMark87

    MeanMark87's '88 BII Build thread

    Well the whole front end rebuild is done. Both driver and passenger side got the following: - inner/outer wheel bearings and wheel seals - axle shaft seals - front axle u-joints - brake rotors - upper and lower ball joints - outer tie rod ends Finished product on driver's side Upper ball...
  8. MeanMark87

    Spindle nut(s) torque for D28 axle?

    I'm looking for some clarification on the torque specs for the spindle nuts on my B2. There's the inner spindle/bearing nut, then a lock washer and then the outer nut. I need to know the torque specs for these two nuts and any special tightening sequence info. The writeup in the tech library...
  9. MeanMark87

    MeanMark87's '88 BII Build thread

    Yep, pretty much all the vehicles I've ever owned have been like this to one degree or another. I have to say though this one might be one of the worst in terms of parts just completely fused together by rust.
  10. MeanMark87

    MeanMark87's '88 BII Build thread

    Bit of an update, finally did some substantive work on the truck between last night and today. Finally nutted up and started tearing into the front end. Here's the war zone....it's times like these I hate living in a shitbox with no garage. Getting the spindle off was easily the most...
  11. MeanMark87

    Steering column clunk when going over bumps

    So on my 88 BII I've noticed that when I am cruising down the road and I go over bumps, I can definitely feel a....clunk, I have no better way to describe it, in the column. The steering has some slop as well, which leads me to think it might be something like an inner/outer tie rod. I'm...
  12. MeanMark87

    MeanMark87's '88 BII Build thread

    Well I don't have a welder but it's becoming obvious I'm gonna need one. My welding experience is pretty much limited to a small amount of mig welding I did welding a skid plate to a Cat loader once about 3 years ago....I'm not an expert at all. I'm eager to learn though....I'm going to have to...
  13. MeanMark87

    MeanMark87's '88 BII Build thread

    Right now the plan is to sand down everything and go black with the paint, and then I'm going to decide what to do for trim. You can kinda see the original Eddie Bauer tan trim on the bottom, and I'm kind of tempted to re-do that. Not sure just yet. But I know I want flat black to be the overall...
  14. MeanMark87

    MeanMark87's '88 BII Build thread

    I know I already had a thread on my purchase of this thing but I wanted to do a dedicated thread for just build/repair updates. So I bought it recently and it looked like so: So today I did a couple things....swapped out a tailgate handle from a '93 Explorer, put a new hood release...
  15. MeanMark87

    Finally got a Bronco II

    Went out today and bought a replacement tailgate for the B2 (from an '89) from a guy on craigslist. Didn't really need it, but it was 20 bucks and figured it could come in handy later for parts or for a wholesale replacement if something goes awry. Also went to the scrap yard and ripped off...
  16. MeanMark87

    Finally got a Bronco II

    The part that makes me really nervous is cutting the rear fenders. I'm going to have to do it since the rust has eaten away at them pretty bad. But it's one of those things where you get one shot at it and I want to A) make sure they actually don't look goofy when I'm done and B) make sure both...
  17. MeanMark87

    Finally got a Bronco II

    Yeah, I should have clarified....I have a lot of experience driving 4x4's I just have never owned one. All my work trucks have been 4 wheel drive so I've got almost a decade under my belt of half, 3/4, 1, and 2 ton work trucks with all kinds of 4 wheel systems. I just never had to learn how to...
  18. MeanMark87

    Finally got a Bronco II

    Haha yeah, it sounds like from the posts in the other thread you and I are in similar spots with our Broncos so I'm sure there will be some mutual assistance. I'm no great shakes as a mechanic myself....I've worked on cars since I was a kid, but it's usually a lot of trial and error and learning...
  19. MeanMark87

    Bronco II gas mileage

    Yeah they are not meant to be gas sippers but they still can do surprisingly well considering their age and construction. I've heard some highly suspect reports of high 20's on the highway, which I guess is possible under super ideal conditions. Granted I have not even had my BII a week but I...
  20. MeanMark87

    BII Eddie Bauer question

    okay, another question.....will a 1990 lift gate fit my '88? There's a guy selling an all new gate for 20 bucks and I want to take him up on it.