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  1. screw'd up

    rear wiper blade

    Most the guys around here are older and one guy had a B2 but they look at me like "this girl hasn't a clue whats she's talking about" it really pisses me off. The other day I went in for 3/8 hose to replace a vacuum leak and when I went to the counter and asked for it, the guy just stared at me...
  2. screw'd up

    rear wiper blade

    The build date of my Bronco is 10/85 and even the older parts books show just a normal replacement blade, not like the original on the truck. It was very difficult trying to explain it to the parts guy and they made me feel so stupid and like I had no idea what I was talking about (although I...
  3. screw'd up

    rear wiper blade

    Thanks for the info but none of that sounds like what mine is. I was able to get the screw out of the original blade holder but the new replacements were thick. The old blade was just a piece thin metal with a rubber squeezed inbetween and the new one wouldn't fit into the holder on the arm. I...
  4. screw'd up

    rear wiper blade

    My '86 BII basically has ALL stock parts on it. Including the rear wiper blade and there is no rubber left cause its sun damaged and crumbled when I tested to see if it worked. I bought a new blade as found in LMC book and at the store to fit the rear window of the truck. However the old blade...
  5. screw'd up

    Lizard Skin flooring?

    I recently bought a '86 Bronco II and with the few holes leaking into the truck, the carpet was gross and things were living in it. I ripped out the carpet but need to put something else down and I heard about lizard skin paint for the floors, has anyone else tried using this stuff? I know it...
  6. screw'd up

    Running Boards and Windshield Visor

    I had running boards on my '86 Eddie Bauer edition that I took off cause I didn't like them and taking up space in my garage but I was told that NAPA should be able to order them. Mine are made by DeeZee
  7. screw'd up

    dome light

    I know I sound dumb when I ask this, but what are actuators?
  8. screw'd up

    dome light

    I'm new to all of this but I've gone to all the parts stores around my town and nobody has parts in their systems for anything older then 1992 :sad: I need to figure out what light bulb fits in the dome light for an '86 Bronco II and where I can find shocks for the back hatch cause I'm tired of...