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  1. tw205

    Front End Assembly Drive Support Brackets

    N/A. Salvage yards or part out .
  2. tw205

    No power to fuel pump relay

    Test the relay first by applying a ground to the fuel pump test port on the ecm diagnostic connection. If the pumps turn on then the fuel system works. If not check for power at the relay. Relay should have two power sources. 1 always hot BK/Y, 2 key on hot R. The ECU supplies the ground LB/O...
  3. tw205

    Bronco II Generational Differences

    First generation 84 thru 88 have a different front frame end than second generation 89 and 90 so front bumpers won't interchange. Also front fenders, hood, grill, valance and radiator core support are different and not interchangeable. Interiors are different and not a bolt in change.all these...
  4. tw205

    89 bronco II idling/running rough

    I wouldn't depend on a new AIT being a good AIT. Have you disconnected it while running? Ohms test the sensor when at room temp then heat it with a hair dryer or heat gun and check resistance again. Should change, if not, bad sensor. How's the timing? Spout plugged in?
  5. tw205

    Bad Clutch Questions 1990 Bronco II

    If the clutch was stuck in engaged position you would not be able to push the pedal. Pressing the padal closes the port to the reservoir so fluid can only flow to the slave. If slave is engaged then fluid cant flow causing no pedal movement .
  6. tw205

    Bad Clutch Questions 1990 Bronco II

    Sounds more like a transmission or transfer case problem. Engine off, in gear, brake off, will the truck roll if pushed or pulled?
  7. tw205

    HELP I can’t identify this part

    That is definitely the fuel pump.
  8. tw205

    1988 Bronco II clutch issue

    I would be suspect of the slave cylinder. I had one act similar and eventually it froze on the shaft.
  9. tw205

    1988 Bronco II no start

    A noid light will be able to determine if injectors are getting pulse to fire, but can't confirm if inector is working.
  10. tw205

    1988 Bronco II no start

    Have you tried starting fluid? If it start with starting fluid then it's a fuel issue. You should get 34 to 40 lbs key on. Auto parts store will have pressure guage.
  11. tw205

    Need tips on how to install wheel caps on 4x4 Bronco II

    There will not be enough space between the rim and the brake drum. Factory had a friction nut in a factory drilled hole on the rim. Used short 3/8" screws. Do you have the rims made for those caps?
  12. tw205

    Driver side seat belt

    No. Passenger side is different from the driver side due to the fold and tumble mechanism to allow more movement and access to the rear seats.
  13. tw205

    1988 Bronco II no start

    Looks like the temp sending unit. Top of the thermostat housing.
  14. tw205

    1988 Bronco II no start

    Sounds like you got a plan. Fuel sounds right.
  15. tw205

    Wiring center console.

    Looking in my Haynes manual is see the headlight circuit is different for vehicles with lamp out indicator. There we are in-line resistor wires that dont exhist on vehicles without. You may need the harness from the doner rig.
  16. tw205

    Wiring center console.

    I went to therangerstation.com to see if the tech section had any info. It says the display console was available in the BII 84 thru 90. This is the one you have yes I don't see any schematics for it. Some of the guys over there have loads of info and may be able to help you more than me.
  17. tw205

    Wiring center console.

    That may be the issue. Do you know what year the rig was you got if from.
  18. tw205

    1988 Bronco II no start

    Stick to basics. Fuel spark and air. Are you sure it's a spark issue?
  19. tw205

    Wiring center console.

    What year is your rig? The one I'm showing you is a 85 and the console is factory. Your looks a bit different. I'm unsure what years offered the console with the display for lights washer fluid and fuel.
  20. tw205

    1988 Bronco II no start

    When you turn the key on do you get dash lights, radio, blinkers, ect ect ect?