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  1. SR185

    Ford Explorer doors on 86 BII

  2. SR185

    dash lights stay dim even when turn all the way up

    Thanks. I'll order a new switch.
  3. SR185

    dash lights stay dim even when turn all the way up

    My dash lights and overhead light are very dim (on my '84 BII), even when the headlight knob is turned to maximum. Turning the knob will turn them on or off, but they will not brighten. I replaced all the bulbs with new LED's and the problem is the same. Is this a problem with the...
  4. SR185

    Poly radius arm bushing for BII

    The original rubber radius arm bushings on the BII are shot. I'm looking to replace with poly bushings, but have a couple of questions: 1. Are kits like this http://broncograveyard.com/bronco/i-93004-radius-arm-bushings-84-90-red.html for only one side or both sides? 2. I noticed that some...
  5. SR185

    2 piece rear hatch

    Fiberglass scrap?
  6. SR185

    BII cargo cover

    $25 will cover my cost. I'm not trying to make anything for it.
  7. SR185

    BII cargo cover

    I bought a BII cargo cover today from a local salvage yard. I do not need it, but picked it up so see if any of you all wanted one. This cargo cover is gray and has all the brackets and hooks. I'll sell it for $25 shipped if anyone wants it. If not, I'll put it on Ebay.
  8. SR185

    How to remove BII back seat?

    I got the lower cushions out of the Bronco II. But, how do you remove the center bracket for the upper cushions? EDIT: I figured it out
  9. SR185


    Yes, you have to have a wire running from the coil to the center pole on the dizzy
  10. SR185

    My new 31's

    Looks good! What lift do you have? And I bought a set of the same wheels, but I don't have the center caps. What center caps are those?
  11. SR185

    1985 B2 Duraspark Conversion

    I sent you a PM. I think I can help.
  12. SR185

    1985 B2 Duraspark Conversion

    You want to keep both sides of that 8-wire plug. The side leading towards the passenger compartment contains wires going to temp sensor, oil pressure, and alternator - you don't want to cut. Look at the picture in post #15 of this thread...
  13. SR185


    Did your AAL give you 3" in the rear? Were your springs sagging prior to the lift? How does it ride now compared to before?
  14. SR185

    Cleaning Up - Too Cheap for Duraspark

    I just purchased both pigtails from NAPA a few weeks ago. I gave them the order numbers listed on the DS instructions, and had them a few days later.
  15. SR185

    Couple of Duraspark conversion questions

    Did anyone else have to bend their automatic transmission dip stick tube, so they could have enough clearance for turning the distributor?
  16. SR185

    Paint job for the BII

    How do you think my BII would look with a paintjob like the blue Toyota FJ cruiser? I have a blue interior, so sticking with blue colors would probably be best. I think the white top might look cool. What do you think? [/IMG]
  17. SR185

    Cleaning Up - Too Cheap for Duraspark

    If you buy the pigtails that are listed on the Duraspark instructions, in the library, you won't need a donor harness. All you need to make your own harness is the two pigtails, and 4 lengths of 18 gauge wire about 3 1/2 fit each.
  18. SR185

    Couple of Duraspark conversion questions

    It's party time! I finally got my engine running after the Duraspark conversion!:icon_cheers: After much frustration trying to find the problem,it was the wire running from the coil to the firewall plug - it was connected to the wrong wire. I changed wires, and she cranked up effortlessly...
  19. SR185

    Almost finished Durasparking my BII

    I'm getting spark to the plugs. I turned the engine to TDC, on the compression stroke, and it was pointing to 11:00 (#1). It sounds like it is close to starting, but hasn't yet.
  20. SR185

    Almost finished Durasparking my BII

    OK!!! I think I have all the wring finished and the engine compartment sure looks neat and tidy compared to before. I tried to start her and she turns over just fine, but doesn't start. She's getting fuel, so it must be spark. Tomorrow I will check the spark from the coil and to a spark...