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    B2 Electric Transfer Case

    I had the same problem with my tcase. The problem was rubber bumper was broke off the shift motor gear. It's an easy fix. Just take the 3 screws out that hold the cover plate on and remove it. Then take the big round gear out and check the bumper that is on that gear. If it's gone or is in bad...
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    Need Some Driveshaft Advice

    I run a chopped down ranger driveshaft with single joints on each end with no vibrations at all. I have about 6" of lift, but I also corrected the pinion angle.
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    B2 tailgate question

    its a one piece. I thought about just ditching the inside cover but im going to try and rig something up. Ill be sure to post pics if I do, but it would be to soon since i broke some stuff last weekend:black_eye:
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    B2 tailgate question

    Has anybody ever modified there tailgate so that you could open it from the inside? I go muddin alot, and being able to open the rear hatch from the inside to hook a strap up would be nice. It would be nice to someone elses setup before I give it a try.
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    nead help stuck in 4 lo

    did you check the rubber bumper on the gear as well? They tend to break and will also cause shifting problems.
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    play toy

    Looks awesome, what are the specs! But the second pic still dont work.:icon_twisted:
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    Original size tires for 1990 Bronoc II

    id go for some 30" x 9.5"
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    play toy

    bad links
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    Original size tires for 1990 Bronoc II

    mine had 205s aswell.
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    cv driveshaft

    its a stock ranger rear drive shaft that I had a drive shaft shop shorten and balance. The drive shaft was out of a late 80s ranger.
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    cv driveshaft

    i'm using a shortened ranger drive shaft. I have about 5in of lift in back and have no problems with vibrations. But I had the pinon angle corrected when I did the explorer rear swap.
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    Stupid CV driveshaft....

    My 90 B2 did the same thing when I got. Yes my 90 has the same CV driveshaft. I heard alot of different things about the lengths of the driveshafts on old B2s. What I did was take a ranger drive shaft and had it shortened, it was like a 2 day turn around.
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    Gas Filler Tube

    id like to know that too.:dunno:
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    The places I delt with ask you take the measurement with the truck sitting on the ground. They figure the rest out for you. Id only measure the max and min if I was running some sick 4 link setup..
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    Post pics of your Stock B2 or when it was nearly stock.

    Cell pic from when I brought her home, I wish I had taken some real pics.