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    4" suspension lift

    I am getting ready to install. What issues will I have with driveshafts? Some places say it needs to be lenghtened. I have seen the additions for extending the front hoses. What all do you use exactly? Thanks
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    Blu Rhino (gf named her)

    It looks great. I hope to do some "upgrades" to my old Bronco too. I have a 4" rough country sitting on the floor in my garage. I can't wait!! I like the sound of your flowmaster. I too need to do that!!
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    alignment camber sleeves

    I need an alignment. The alignment shop in my area I trust said he doesn't want to mess with camber sleeve install. Said its been a while and he just likes the quick in and out 45 minute alignments. He will do it if I install it. How do I get the old out and adjustable ones in? I am going to do...
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    code 67

    Hi, 86 B2 with koeo. I get code 67. Improper signals being sent from neutral drive switch, gear switch, neutral pressure switch, clutch switch or A/C clutch. I did not have my A/C on during self test. What is this? How would I diagnose it? I also secondly got a code 1 then code 33 for egr opened...
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    preference on lift kits

    I have been looking for a lift kit. Probably gonna go at 4 inch. Has anybody used or hate BDS from Bronco Graveyard? I am kind of leaning towards it as it is a complete kit.
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    Rear drive shaft

    What did the shaft come from? Or is it the explorer front shaft build?
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    country0001's Blue B2 build

    looks good. You have gone the direction I want to go. I want tires and a lift, REAL BAD!!
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    Night from hell with my B2!!

    That plug probably ain't been out in a while. My brother had one like it in a 94(?) 3.0 ranger. It took us hours to get out. pb blaster? Anytime aluminum and steel get together they bond real well. Had they been changed lately it would be a different story. That old ranger was the same way. He...
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    !986 Bronco II HELP!

    Do you get power to the pumps? is the kill switch on the hump working?
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    !986 Bronco II HELP!

    What about the ignition module? No spark no fuel. safety thing.
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    Fill hose not venting

    at some gas station I can fill faster than others. The fill tube is shaped poorly, thats why if you fill it a little slower it will probably work for you.
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    Any bronco 2 tanks into explorers

    what if you put the skid plate on it?