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  1. 59bisquik

    88 Bronco II wiring maze,, pics included

    Bronco Bob... I dont have Bronco wiring to look at anymore either. However, The wire thats spliced in is going to the multiple fusible links in your harness. Just a place to start when you find a schematic.
  2. 59bisquik

    You know you drive a bronco II when

    You know you drive a B2 when... The only thing left stock is the body...somewhat :icon_welder:
  3. 59bisquik

    early bronco looking bronco II?

    Hmmmmm those sure look familiar!! :icon_thumby::icon_thumby::icon_thumby: Keep us posted on your progress!
  4. 59bisquik

    early bronco looking bronco II?

    Yup, That is a pretty old pic of CopyKats rig, its now painted and such. Pretty sharp looking rig! However, I think its missing its headlight bezels :D
  5. 59bisquik

    early bronco looking bronco II?

    They shoulda come this way from the factory! :icon_thumby:
  6. 59bisquik

    early bronco looking bronco II?

    Actually, Joel and I did the headlights a bit different. While he used Ford buckets and had to do some hammerology... I used Dodge D100 buckets that were all self contained. They just needed to be screwed on. His round lights were behind the bezel, while mine stick through more like stock...
  7. 59bisquik

    early bronco looking bronco II?

    Here is some round headlights for ya!
  8. 59bisquik

    63" Chevy's into B2... Need some advice!

    63" Chevy's into B2... The Progress Continues I am just starting on my 63" swap. I got a set of Teraflex lift shackles, and 5.5" lift ProComp 63" springs. My goal was to lose the old Skyjacker springs and blocks and gain a bit of flex. I already pulled the overload and angle shim out of the...
  9. 59bisquik


    I run a 79 F150 D44 High Pinion up front. Its full width with radius arms and there are a ton of aftermarket goodies for this axle! The rear... well we wont talk about that right now :bawling: As for the coilovers.... SKIP THE FOA's!!!! You get what you pay for, get the Fox or King's. I have...
  10. 59bisquik

    New headlights...they shoulda come this way!

    AZ, I love the MTR's. I have run the BFG AT and Mud previously and the MTR's are hands down better in every category. My only complaint with them would be is that they dont make them any bigger than a 35 in a 15" wheel. For 37's and up, you gotta switch to 17's. But then again, BFG has done the...
  11. 59bisquik

    New headlights...they shoulda come this way!

    Yup...custom grill. :icon_thumby: In my area, its pretty rare to see a non-stock Bronco II. So besides the other mods, this was just another way to set it apart from the rest. I cut up a stock grill and glued in handmade fiberglass bezels made by Copykat! :icon_thumby: The buckets are out of...
  12. 59bisquik

    New headlights...they shoulda come this way!

    After a bit of work and some bezels from a BroncoII.org member... Im in the exclusive round headlight club :icon_thumby:
  13. 59bisquik

    B2 Cruise Control

    OK...who has a great diagram for troubleshooting cruise control??
  14. 59bisquik

    Bronco II lift

    What do you plan on using the rig for? How big of tires? I have had great luck with Duff and wheeled her pretty hard!
  15. 59bisquik

    B2 Cruise Control

    Mine worked before I did the 4.0 swap. Now I need to get it hooked back up and working. I miss it!
  16. 59bisquik

    full width dana 44 in BII

    Moving the mounts on a 79 axle can be a pain. I spaced my buckets out 2" on either side with 2x4 rectangle tubing.
  17. 59bisquik

    My FW 44 B2 Swap

    Looking good! Keep us posted! :icon_thumby::icon_thumby:
  18. 59bisquik

    Wanting to say hello.

    Welcome to the board! I dont have much advice for ya since I spend most of my time in the rocks and avoid that brown wet stuff as much as possible. But welcome aboard and hopefully the guys will chime in and help you out with your questions! :icon_thumby:
  19. 59bisquik

    4.0L Swap - Lower Rad Hose

    Sorry, mine doesnt have the strut and bracket. I used an explorer radiator and hoses with no issues.