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  1. leseman1

    Cheap Custom Steering?

    I'm getting tired of tolerating all the bumpsteer i'm having in my bronco, so i was looking into alternatives to the stock steering linkage. I had been thinking about doing the super runner set up until I seen the stone crusher style set up. I dont care for the heim joints though and have not...
  2. leseman1

    5.0 in Bronco II

    Well i seen this thread was kind of revived. I ended up going with a 4bbl Carter AFB on an edelbrock performer intake manifold so no issues with hood clearance. I had originally planned on using the np208 and went to put it in and it was to wide. I didnt want to cut up my frame so i used a 205 i...
  3. leseman1

    5.0 in Bronco II

    Ok maybe i will get an intake off of a mustang or explorer for it. Thanks man.
  4. leseman1

    5.0 in Bronco II

    Ok i will probably just go with the 205. I will most likely do a 2" body lift. Do you know if it will clear the intake with it?
  5. leseman1

    5.0 in Bronco II

    I found a 5.0 from an 88 Full size Bronco for cheap. I'm going to look at it on Saturday hopefully its as good as the seller says it is.:yahoo: If all works out this engine will go into my 86 B2 within a couple months. I want to run a five speed (m5r2) out of an f150. Advance adapters has an...
  6. leseman1

    B2 seat covers

    Does anybody make rear seat covers for Bronco II's, I found some for the front but want front and back seats to match.