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  1. storey618

    after 4.0 clutch swap

    just thought id let you guys know that the swap was a success! we ran into quite a few problems; breaking bolts, slave cylinder being different, old clutch line not going into new slave cylinder, and a stripped thread but now its back together and it runs and starts amazing! thank you guys for...
  2. storey618

    4.0l clutch swap. need help

    so im planning on doing it this is 2.9 replacement: http://www.napaonline.com/Catalog/CatalogItemDetail.aspx/Clutch-Set-New/_/R-NCF1107048_0315041684 this is 4.0 clutch http://www.napaonline.com/Catalog/CatalogItemDetail.aspx/Clutch-Set-New/_/R-NCF1107096_0315043239 my question is will the...
  3. storey618

    fm146 question

    ive gotta pull the trans next week and theres a plate that goes in between the motor and bellhousing (all the way around) should that really be or should it just be a half flywheel inspection cover. its an 86 b2, 2.9, fm146 trans
  4. storey618

    coil replacement

    ive got new moog coils for my 86 b2, im still learning when it comes to wrenching so could someone give me steps on how to change them thanks in advance
  5. storey618

    front end noise

    ive got an 86 b2 no lift, when im in 2h the front driveshaft is free and i can spin it by hand. when i do this the driver side half shaft spins but passengers does not...is that supposed to happen? if not could that be the culprit to my front end noise that only occurs when backing off inclines.
  6. storey618

    b2 rear glass hinges

    On of my hinges snapped. Does anyone know where to find them or have a pair?
  7. storey618

    lift question

    I've got an 86 b2 4wd. I bought some bell tech 6400 shackles for my ranger a while back and never used them so now I wanna lift the b2. If I put the shackles on will I need to get my drive shaft lengthened or do anything else?
  8. storey618

    Roof basket help

    so i currently dont even have the basket but im trying to figure out the mounting before i get/make one. if you guys have baskets could you post how theyre mounted. i wanna be able to put a spare tire, shovel, axe, and possibly some fuel up there