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  1. dieseldane

    Prerunners B II under construction (finally!)

    Yeah, for that much a guy could buy the tools and set it up himself for sure.
  2. dieseldane

    Prerunners B II under construction (finally!)

    This is going to be for your front axle right? Remember that a low pinion axle typically used in the rear is not as strong when used in the front due to running on the coast side of the gear.
  3. dieseldane

    Prerunners B II under construction (finally!)

    Thanks, now I need to go measure my 1356 and see if it would be worth it to find a 4406 to use in my b2.
  4. dieseldane

    Prerunners B II under construction (finally!)

    Think you could take a couple measurements for me? I want to see how much bigger the 4406 is than the 1356. Could you measure the from the center of the input shaft to the center of the front output shaft, and from front mounting surface to the end of the tail shaft, and the width of the case at...
  5. dieseldane

    Bii with roll-down rear window?

    Go study a full sized bronco with a roll down hatch window, might be a good source for inspiration!
  6. dieseldane

    b2 and boats

    Not yet, but I'm in the process of building a rack to do just that, among other things.
  7. dieseldane

    Bumper Guard Surface Rust

    I would wire brush away as much of the rust as you can, and then use Ospho or another kind of rust converter, Eastwood makes some also. Then paint whatever color you end up deciding on over that stuff.
  8. dieseldane

    Murphy, the one ton B2 build

    Gonna watch this one. :icon_thumby: Edit: Got to ask, how'd you come up with the name?
  9. dieseldane

    turbo b2?

    I think if you are getting a junkyard motor to do a full rebuild on, your money is better spent on another motor. When I bought my b2, it already had the whole Mallory Unilite setup, a Holley carb, Edelbrock headers, and a good free-flowing exhaust. Has great compression and is tuned well. The...
  10. dieseldane

    turbo b2?

    You would need a loom resistor wire if you don't use a ballast resistor, I do not think the stock wiring contains one, so you would have to add one or the other. Instuctions here: http://mallory-ignition.com/media/instructions/mallory/Mallory_Instructions_unilite_distributor_37_38_45_47.pdf
  11. dieseldane

    turbo b2?

    The mallory has a built in control module. You'll need a compatible coil, and a ballast resistor, and this noise filter is also recommended. Simple to wire? Definatley, couldn't get much easier, three wires, done. Expensive, and too much to spend on a 2.8? Yes. If you're going to spend this...
  12. dieseldane

    Night from hell with my B2!!

    Yeah, there is only one I believe. It doesn't use the O2 until the vehicle warms up, and even then only some of the time, so it might not seem like it's acting up when you first start driving. EDIT: Don't know if it will help or not, but here's my thread for that problem when I had it...
  13. dieseldane

    Night from hell with my B2!!

    Replace the O2 sensor. On my brother in law's truck the fuel pressure regulator failed just as yours did, and it fouled out the O2 sensor in the process. Changed that and it ran like a champ.
  14. dieseldane

    Roof Racks for the B2?

    Has anyone ever tried to transfer a factory luggage rack from an explorer? I have a 98 explorer that I got to put the v8 in my ranger, and had thought about taking the rails from it and adapting them to my BII. Anyone see any issues with that?
  15. dieseldane

    '88 Bronco II Build Thread

    Sweet b2! When I finally get around to finishing my ranger, might have to hit you up when I make it to Hogan's.
  16. dieseldane


    Sure it might be a little (or a lot) more work to get the 5.4 in there as opposed to a 302/5.0 but I say go for it!
  17. dieseldane


    I would think that some 4v head would only make things harder for you. I can't remember how much larger they are, but they are bigger. If it doesn't fit, force it. That's my motto.
  18. dieseldane

    87 b2 full width d44 and 9in

    I think it just looks that way cause the photo is off center
  19. dieseldane

    87 b2 full width d44 and 9in

    Looks good! You make the front bumper too? Builds like these make me want a b2 to build into a trail machine
  20. dieseldane

    Battery being drained - need ideas - HELP

    Had a few minutes, thought I'd help out with a larger diagram of what I think Bronco_Chuck wanted to show ya with his diagram.