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  1. burton

    what do i do ???? v8? help greatly appreciated

    thank you yes i have read through all those tech articles. its actually where i got the idea from. my main question is about the axles though. the way i hear people talk about them makes me feel like there something that should be under a crv or something. i am scared that im going to do this...
  2. burton

    what do i do ???? v8? help greatly appreciated

    so i have an 84 b2 and the poor little 2.8 finally crapped out on me. well its got rod knock like a mo fo and a massive oil leek that i have been dealing with for abot a year since i bought it. so the time has come for me to do a motor swap and my question comes in the form of will my weak...
  3. burton

    B2 Inspiration (Who inspires you?)

    my lil baby b2 wants to grow up and be this...its in the tech forum i love the look of this rig....hahah i already got the black wheels..lol thats a start
  4. burton

    If I....

    haha i think i shoulda listend to my dad....IT DIDNT BREAK THOUGH http://therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27321
  5. burton

    If I....

    cool thanks for the info... i dont think it would see much hard off roading.. maybe some mud..im mainly just getting some spacers so i dont have to hack more of my fenders off ...when the suspention compreses and im turnin it rubs and i only have 30s on it.and i have heard you should be able to...
  6. burton

    If I....

    put some 2 inch coil spacers on my b2 would i need to get new shocks?? i feel like maybe if lost some height to droop but i dont know cause ive only had the car for about 3 months..so i dont know what it used to sit like... thanks
  7. burton

    Few issues?

    I dont really have answers for you but i do share the same problem with my door handles...lol so maybe its kinda common hahah well theres atleast 2 people with the issue.