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  1. FCXBronco2

    Post Pics of Bronco II's

    84 b2 with about 4 inches of lift and 33's
  2. FCXBronco2

    Herculiner bed liner.

    yeah that is one thing if you do the herculiner is make sure you do a really good prep job. and for mixing the bedliner i took it down to the local paint store and they shook it up and mixed it with there machine for free so i dont know if that helped mine at all but i havent had any problems...
  3. FCXBronco2

    Herculiner bed liner.

    ive had herculiner in the bed of my dodge for 2 years and it hasnt flaked or anything the only thing it did was turn into a dull black instead of gloss black but thats because of the sun and i didnt get the uv protection stuff they also sell
  4. FCXBronco2

    B2 tailgate question

    when you dont have the panel on it, it is really easy to open thats how i usually open mine because it is broke from the outside. all you have to do is remove the panel and there are to little latches that you have to push down and it will open right up
  5. FCXBronco2

    computer in bronco 2

    nah mines fine i just dont want to be out in the woods and the computer get soaked and it not run or what not
  6. FCXBronco2

    computer in bronco 2

    have any of yall relocated the computer inside the kicker panel on your bronco 2, i want to relocate untill i get my duraspark done. i went through some mud the other day and water leaked in and it got me worrying that it might get drenched. i really dont want to have to add more wire or...
  7. FCXBronco2

    fuel filter

    i just bought a fuel filter from advance and it looks awful small i looked all inside the frame rails and on the engine and didnt see anything that looked like it. the one i got has threaded bolts on each side any help would be appreciated
  8. FCXBronco2

    new bumper and tires

    another type of paint that i found out worked good was army paint from army surplus stores they sell it real cheap and it goes on thick so you dont get so many scratches and if you do get scratches you just slap some more paint on it.
  9. FCXBronco2

    new bumper and tires

    thanks, yeah you cant complain for $10. the only thing i dont like is the dent on the front of it, but i cant fiigure out how to get it out. ive also got some d-rings that im getting one of my buddys at work to weld on
  10. FCXBronco2

    new bumper and tires

    its an 84 bronco 2 i got that bumper off a toyota for $10 and bought the tires from one of my buddys for $100 they are dunlop mud rovers 33x12.5R15. so all in all it hasnt cost me that much so far. i need a little more lift but not too much i like it when they sit low but have bigger tires, it...
  11. FCXBronco2

    new tires on the bronco

    just put a set of 33x12.5R15 on my bronco my bronco has a 2 inch body lift, shackles in the back explorer coils in the front along with some washers
  12. FCXBronco2

    front end lift

    is there anyway i can just get the front end lift like all the drop brackets and pitman arm and stuff because i was planning on just getting coil spacers and getting 2 inches of lift but i want to be able to fit 33's i already have a 2 inch body lift. or can i just buy some drop brackets and put...
  13. FCXBronco2

    8.8 swap

    is there any 8.8 i can swap in directly because i dont have a welder or anything and i dont want to have to take it to somebody to weld can i swap a rangers 8.8 or something? i have a bronco 2
  14. FCXBronco2

    oil pressure guage

    well i was flushin my radiator and i somehow messed up my oil pressure guage im not really worried about it because its always been acting messed up so i want to get an after market one but ive never done it before so thats what i was wondering is how hard are they to install? oh yeah and i have...
  15. FCXBronco2

    clutch pedal question

    i have an 84 bronco 2 5 speed and each time i have to turn it on i have to press the clutch in for it to crank is there a sensor or something that i can unplug or something i mean its not a big deal ive just always liked not haveing to push the clutch in and its easier to get it warmed up in the...
  16. FCXBronco2

    power steering pump

    well first of all i have an 84 bronco 2, i was pullin into work and the guys at work told me to turn my truck off because they saw something leaking so i turned it off and popped the hood and power steering fluid had shot the the pressure hole in the top of the resivoir cap i checked and i had...
  17. FCXBronco2

    shifter fork and shifter ball worn

    well the other day i was backin into my drive way and my trans got stuck in 2nd i found out that it was the ball attached to the shifter inside the trans that was worn so i went to advanced and they didnt have it and ford said they discontinued it is there anything i can do to fix this im pretty...