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  1. nick6053

    No heat in explorer

    thanks for the tips but i checked all that, its not the heater core its like the selector for heat/ac i will try to find out the exact name I live in northern MI and they live down state...
  2. nick6053

    No heat in explorer

    yah but theres got to be a way to switch the system to heat the ac works fan blows, all that just you cant put it on heat it make a clickin noise and nothing happens i already tried to just put ac on hot but no go. i dont get it is it like a electric valve the prevents hot water from getting to...
  3. nick6053

    No heat in explorer

    My step-dads 2000ish explorer has no heat. The dealer quoted him 600 dollars to fix is their a cheap fix... they dont have the money, and its getting cold up here in MI well soon it will be.
  4. nick6053

    Helga, My 88 B2 Build...

    sweet build i would like to know if the ac mod was just like in the tech library or did you do it different?