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  1. mitch4x4

    my 86 bronco2 project

    Now thats a cool rig, nice work.
  2. mitch4x4

    Herculined floorboard

    Im doing the same thing the carpet is just a sponge, ill deal with the noise
  3. mitch4x4

    '86 Bronco II Eddie Bauer Restore.........

    Nice, i never seen a EB edition on the inside before, that touch drive is pretty cool looking.
  4. mitch4x4

    bronco u joint

    My truck has u joints not CVs, only a few came with this set up..can someone tell me were i can find a replacement u joint for the front driveshaft
  5. mitch4x4


    Alright, I just got a bronco 2 (1988) it needs alot of body work and some floor repair but it only has 203 000km and its a standerd transmission and transfercase also manual hubs. Anyways here are the problems.. 1)my turn singles dont work at all, no 4 ways ether..fuse? if so were are they...