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  1. TexCaliBII

    1994 Mazda Navajo motor noise

    If your sure its not a rod then most likely it may be a buildup of carbon on the valves and piston tops causing pre-detonation in the cylinders. That can make a car sound like its dragging a chain behind it. And it definitely gets worse the hotter the engine gets. The only real way to check...
  2. TexCaliBII

    Help! Engine wont start and random high idle at speed

    Something else to check, just happened to me, is the intake gaskets. A massive vacuum leak will cause all kinds of havoc. I had an overheating issue I resolved and then it started being hard to start, dying and HIGH idle. New intake gaskets fixed me up.
  3. TexCaliBII

    Fill hose not venting

    Slight correction to my last post. You are indeed correct that the top line is an emissions part and it goes to the carbon canister but it is also the vent for the tank, and its plastic, not rubber. Sorry about my lack of detail, oh and of course it does not terminate on the frame. I KNOW all...
  4. TexCaliBII

    *MYSTERY PROBLEM* Severe ticking after 20 mins of driving

    Hello, Welcome to the forum! Now this is my2 cents here. Well, these 2.9s are subject to the oil passages from the heads plugging up due to gunk building up from long oil change intervals. Since you started doing them regularly it most likely knocked the goo loose and if the rear was high...
  5. TexCaliBII

    Fill hose not venting

    Mankray, Actually there is a vent. Its a plastic bung on top of the tank and has a rubber vent line that attaches to the frame via a small metal clip. If the plastic tank does not have that then yes indeed you'll have this issue. Most parts stores should have something that will work if you...
  6. TexCaliBII

    84/88 Bronco 2 overhaul/engine-swap/paint/scrap

    Been working on an 84, all I can say is stick with the 88, and the manual trans. Also that 2.8 is a pain to keep in top shape.
  7. TexCaliBII

    Want to replace spark plugs in 86 2.9... any opinions

    Stick with the motorcraft. Neither of my BIIs ran worth a darn on anything other than motorcraft plugs.
  8. TexCaliBII

    double cardan driveshaft needed asap!!

    What a shame, I have 2 of them lying around but shipping from ALaska would probably cost more than what you'd have to pay for the new slipjoint....
  9. TexCaliBII

    B2 Sunroof

    I put one in my 87 BII from a 93 Explorer. Once you get all the parts, inner and outer frames, seal and glass from the donor make a pattern from the hole in the donor's roof and take good measurements. Once I had all that I marked the roof were I wanted it and cut out the sheetmetal with a...
  10. TexCaliBII

    is the front end the same on an 2wd and 4wd?

    All the sheetmetal should swap over and if you are planning on sectioning the frame rails to do this repair, have fun and good luck!
  11. TexCaliBII

    B2 seat replacement

    I happend to notice that the Mazada Navaho, a rebadged Sport, interiors were black and I never saw an Explorer or Sport with black interiors. ANyway I put in seats from a 93 Navaho that bolted right into my 87 Bii, no mods of any kind needed. And I too have seen explorers with Bronco II...
  12. TexCaliBII

    BII back hatch crack repair/reinforcement

    Detailed BII back hatch crack repair/reinforcement All, I have mentioned this repair several times but now have the pics to detail it. I got this hatch off Grimmity's 90 BII because it had the bosses for the flip out window and wiper taht I wanted. I'm adding heated glass too but this is...
  13. TexCaliBII

    V8 swap transfer case question

    Alright, We wrenched all day and the truck is back together but will not seem to fire over. It's trying to start but won't catch. Verified the rotor is hitting no 1 on the compression stroke and the distro has not been disturbed since this motor was running in the donor. it has been a while...
  14. TexCaliBII

    90 rear hatch that has factory

    Thanks, that's what I'm going to try.
  15. TexCaliBII

    85 Bronco II floor pans?

    Hmmmm. Never seen them on LMC but didn't think to check Rockauto for them. 'Course it was quite a few years ago when I did that repair.... Thanks for that info!
  16. TexCaliBII

    90 rear hatch that has factory

    Haven't done a chop yet so no info that might be of great help to you on that score. I have however replaced a rear quarter on thiese rigs so I know about their structure but the chop thing has been well documented here. SO have you been my compition for parts out at Action or MSI???? I just...
  17. TexCaliBII

    V8 swap transfer case question

    oil filter relocation??? Okay, Got the replacement bell housing in and the clutch all sorted out. Now trying to figure out the placement for the oil filter. He's got a L&L kit that is a bear to get to fit anywhere easy.... I see fromteh tech library the A/A adapter shows the hoses going...
  18. TexCaliBII

    1988 Bronco II Upper Ball Joints

    Yep, A good heating via torch and then a large hammer......
  19. TexCaliBII

    85 Bronco II floor pans?

    Not that I have ever found but the floor pans on the 2 door Sport/Navaho is basically the exact same as the BII. I have cut one out before to fix a BII. I found they were the same when I put in seats and rear floor heating duct from a Navaho and it all went right in no issues. I even toyed...
  20. TexCaliBII

    Cracked floors on B2

    Hmmm, My 88 was cracked too.:icon_welder:But my 87 does not have any issues with the floor, just rust in all fenders and body seems..... sigh....