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  1. bfiakas

    Blower motor/3rd fan speed not working

    On my 88 B2 the 3rd fan speed setting stop working today and what is strange is that the 2nd speed was blowing harder than usual this morning and then later today the 3rd setting stop working.Could it be the fan switch or the resistor that would cause just one fan speed to stop working?
  2. bfiakas

    Battery upgrade

    Has anybody upgrade to a 92 Explorer(group 65) battery on a B2? Oreillys has Motorcraft which have the smallest dementions and have 750 CA and 750 CCA capacity.I was concerned if the starter could handle the higher amps.
  3. bfiakas

    Bronco 2 towing GCWR

    I am looking to tow a pop up trailer this summer with my B2.The factory bumper towing capacity I beleve is 2000 lbs.and my GVWR is 4200lbs. So when figuring what I could tow do I include the cargo weight(750 lbs) and the trailer weight (1700 lbs) or would 2000 lbs be max load overall?
  4. bfiakas

    Adjustable camber bushings

    I ordered a set of 2 degree camber bushings and I am 1 degree negitive on camber.When I install the new bushings to get close to spec.What reference do I use( outside or inside) of the balljoint stud.
  5. bfiakas

    180 deg. thermostat

    What are the advanages of installing a 180 deg. t-stat in my 88 Bronco 2? Will my gas mileage suffer due to the engine running cooler?
  6. bfiakas

    2 Core Explorer radiator

    I am going to install a new 2 core radiator in my B2.Has anybody that has done this had any overcooling or computer problems.
  7. bfiakas

    Adjustable camber bushings

    I am running a 1 deg.negitive on camber and want to replace the old factory camber bushings with adjustables.O'Reillys Auto Parts.has many in stock at differant measurements of degs.like 1/4 to 1-3/4 degs.What do I have to know to get the right brushings.
  8. bfiakas

    Factory spare tire carrier

    Does anybody know what the maximum weight the swing out tire carrier will handle? I want to mount a black 48"x 24" cargo box on it to store my camping gear.
  9. bfiakas

    Exhaust head bolts and nuts

    Have you tried a Ford dealer parts dept. that will take the time to investigate other cross reference parts .Or find a bolt company that will make a complete set for you.Also you can make your own by buying bolts longer than you need,like a 6 inch bolt with short theads.Cut them off and re cut...
  10. bfiakas

    How can I keep my 2.9 cool?

    Have you installed a back flush kit in the heater hose to flush out the block? 192 deg. is stock for the T-stat.Install a new water pump and radiator cap and hoses (Gates reenforced type)
  11. bfiakas

    In tank fuel pump replacement

    I figure I would cut out from the top center of the deck and then cut a oversize patch from a doner B2.Thanks Adsm08 for the help.
  12. bfiakas

    In tank fuel pump replacement

    Then roughly 2 inches down from the top of the deck for the cross cut?
  13. bfiakas

    In tank fuel pump replacement

    Anybody know the measurments for cutting a hatchway in the rear cargo deck to replace the in tank fuel pump.
  14. bfiakas


    2 1/2 cans plus 1 can of oil 4 0z. if you evacuated the system.
  15. bfiakas

    88 Bronco II dies when warm

    Generaly with low fuel pressure the return line should be clear.If you suspect the fpr to be failing and when you replace it, then you can check the return line.Have you done the TFI plug voltage checks? One other queston,have you changed out the stock radio/sterio with a aftermarket? If you...
  16. bfiakas

    88 Bronco II dies when warm

    Your key on fuel pressure test is a bit low.When you replaced the fuel reg. was the return line clear by blowing air thru it(by mouth will do it) you can hear it gurgling at the fill pipe in the back? Make sure your fuel pump relay is getting full voltage to it and out to the fuel pump?
  17. bfiakas

    88 Bronco II dies when warm

    Taking off the A/C belt may free up some power but it should'nt put extra load on the other belts.When they test the TFI module I have them run the test at lease 5 times.I, ve had them fail on the third test.
  18. bfiakas

    88 Bronco II dies when warm

    Look for the section for remoting the TFI and follow the steps.I used 14 gauge wire on my remote.Make sure when doing the wiring at the distribitor that all three wires are cut even.I used a 1/8 piece of rubber cut to fit for a mounting platform where the TFI was and did the wire/spade work as...
  19. bfiakas

    88 Bronco II dies when warm

    It sounds like a TFI problem heating up and triping. I have come to find out the longest lasting TFi module I used and em using now are the Master Pro modules from O Reillys Auto parts.When you get to remoting the TFI.I just used aluminum foil for shelding with a bare ground wire and it work for me.
  20. bfiakas

    88 Bronco II dies when warm

    Well code 21 is coolant temp. sensor out of range.Check the plug connection at the sensor or replace it with a new one.Does the fan clutch have resistance to it when you turn it by hand. If not replace it also.All unsulated wire will cause higher resistance in the electrical system and it will...