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  1. pillen140

    99 Explorer Clutch Questions

    almost forgot about the flywheel, for about $80 i would replace that if your clutch was that bad... also from napa.
  2. pillen140

    99 Explorer Clutch Questions

    id spend a couple extra bucks and get one from napa, theyre luk brand, which is what ford uses from the factory... some use little plastic bushings rather than springs, and you typically get what you pay for. also, if you can find either a raybestos slave or oem ford one.... they price...
  3. pillen140

    ttb question

    they're not extremely strong by any means. especially if its got a dana 28. a dana 35 is a lot stronger, but not super strong. I run mine with 35" tires as well, and I haven't really run ito that many problems if you know its limits. you can definitely disconnect the sway bars, but its not any...
  4. pillen140

    Making some improvements

    Your seats blend right in with the interior! Jk, nice bronco!
  5. pillen140

    newbie from tn.

    Welcome, and I have no personal exp with duff, but have never heard anything other than how good they are!
  6. pillen140


    Just find stock axles with 4.10s and swap them. And 4.56 is way too much for something with 31's. Edit.... actually what gears do you have now? Its probably not really worth it to regear unless you have gears almost in the 2's. I drove my 3.0 ranger with 35's and 3.73's and it really wasn't...
  7. pillen140

    10 inch rear brake upgrade

    Its got a wider friction area, but it doesn't change the wheel mounting suface width. The backing plates are offset a little more than the 9" brakes and the drum its self doesn't taper as much, even though you barely notice it. And the backing plates ARE able to be swapped. When I put my 8.8 in...
  8. pillen140

    10 inch rear brake upgrade

    No, it will not make your wheels stick out any further. And the 10" brakes are taller as well as wider, can't remember how much wider, but I don't think its an inch. And yes, the 28 spline 8.8 and 7.5 backing plates are swappable. The wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface stays the...
  9. pillen140

    My Bronco 2

    i think it was '95 they got them, and id guess it was all off the d35s because my '95 3.0 has dual piston calipers aswell. my '94 4.0L had the old style single piston, so id guess it had to be '95
  10. pillen140

    wheel adapters/rear axle/bearing

    just make sure to torque them! and i would use locktight on the threads that hold the spacer on to the hub.
  11. pillen140

    wheel adapters/rear axle/bearing

    rough country sells 1.5" ones for $60 a pair. i had them, and good quality. i ran them with a 3.75" backspaced 8" wide wheel and never had a problem, ran them for about a year. they will put more stress on the bearings, but not as bad as you would think. the rear axle wont wear the bearing out...
  12. pillen140

    just got it

    NICE! love the wheels, i almost bought a set from lmc truck! not a big fan of tube bumpers, but doesnt look bad on there.
  13. pillen140

    drop pitman arm question

    you DO NOT need a drop pitman arm for those.... i have them and still handles like stock.... actually better.
  14. pillen140

    My Bronco II!!

    i vote keep the first gen front! they look way better.
  15. pillen140

    My Bronco II!!

    Very nice.... if you lose intrest in this project, get a hold of me! ill take it! nice find for $350!!!
  16. pillen140

    driveshaft from autozone??

    I have a motto for buying stuff from autozone..... "if it spins, or is important, dont buy it from autozone". i second the junkyard!
  17. pillen140

    lift question

    1" spacer will maybe give you 1-1/4". dont go over 2"s because you will not be able to allign it.
  18. pillen140

    Axle ratios

  19. pillen140

    Rear Drive Shaft Removal

    i have noticed in almost every post by you i have read, you suggest using a hammer....... I LIKE YOUR STYLE!!!!