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  1. ZMan

    lowering kit help... 88 bronco 2

    I didnt know there as lowering kits available for the b2. Who sells it? Ranger parts will not bolt on, bronco 2s have their own ibeams for 2wd because they ALL have 4x4 engine crossmembers, along with dummy transfer cases on the back of the transmission, so converting them to 4x4 is extremely easy.
  2. ZMan

    lowering kit help... 88 bronco 2

    They are riveted. And you will need more than the pivot brackets, you will need the whole engine crossmember from a 2wd ranger, which is welded andriveted, and you will have to take your engine out. If you're serious about lowering your bronco 2 you are best off getting an 89+ 2wd ranger parts...
  3. ZMan

    My Bronco 2

    Every single ranger, including 2wds, got twin pistons up front in those years. And ya, you'll need the whole knuckle to upgrade brakes.
  4. ZMan

    Chop Top II

    how did you stretch the rear? it doesn't really look like you moved the front hangers at all, did you put in different springs?
  5. ZMan

    lowering a bronco2

    I've lowered a Ranger 5'' without the tierods hitting the frame. You don't really have to worry about that untill you starting airbagging things.
  6. ZMan

    Leaky 1985 Bronco II

    Your pitman seal could be going bad on the steering box. It has to be pulled and disassembled to replace the seal.
  7. ZMan

    My 1987 Bronco II Build. NO 56K

    People still braze? lol. Looks like its comin along good.
  8. ZMan

    Big Red MKII

    very cool, this will be a fun build to watch.
  9. ZMan

    Black Sheep

    damn awesome build
  10. ZMan

    Stumpy 2 (Build-up)

    you can find that in the wiring diagrams in a Haynes manual, I believe its the purple wires, but that was over a year and a half ago that I did a 5-spd swap on my old longbed.
  11. ZMan

    Stumpy 2 (Build-up)

    correct. And for it to start, you'll either need to jump the neutral safety switch wires which are in that big one, OR (the cleaner way) is to swap the harness that goes to the transmission, that way you'll have reverse lights too. Did you plug in the clutch safety switch located on the clutch...
  12. ZMan

    My 89 Bronco II

    holy cow thats bad. You could do what one guy did and put a standard cab ranger roof and back cab wall on it.
  13. ZMan

    4.0 sohc bII

    holy run on sentence....sounds like a cool project though.
  14. ZMan

    My chop(lots of pics)

    Very nice. That is the most thought I've ever seen someone put into chopping a bronco II, nice to see that.
  15. ZMan

    Resurrection of a Bronco II

    You have to be sure that doesn't have any leaks...M5ODs will toast the bearings if you let the fluid leak out of them.