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  1. Bennybooster

    I had to gloat about my 86 B2!

    how many more bumpers are you going to ruin before you realize it is retarded to pull from your stock bumper....
  2. Bennybooster

    Building a Heavy Duty Front and Rear Bumper for my 86 B2!

    He was referencing your springs sagging in the front and lowering your truck because of the massive boat anchor you plan on welding to your truck
  3. Bennybooster

    Thinkin about buying a BII

    I would pay 800 max for that, BII's are a dime a dozen in better condition than that. Save your money
  4. Bennybooster

    disciplerocks's B2 build thread

    Don't comp cut it unless you are going to push the wheel base and go to way bigger tires. It looks good like it is
  5. Bennybooster

    My Small Bronco Grows Up

    Those link mounts look like death
  6. Bennybooster

    My 30k bronco II

    Linky Really? You should think before you make blank statements by that, I have seen $80xxx rangers...
  7. Bennybooster

    My 30k bronco II

    Linky Really? You shpuld think before you make statements by that, I have seen $80xxx rangers
  8. Bennybooster

    mud bog / rock climber

    Well I suggest that you put the v8 into your B2......:icon_confused:
  9. Bennybooster

    B2 suspension question

    Jeep axles suck, just swap in a Dana 44 from a 78-79 f150 or bronco. Build extended radius arms off of the stockers, use EB coil springs and a ruff stuff trac bar kit. You can use f250 shock mounts. For the rear I would use trail gear 3in lift leafs. Thats about as simple as it gets and it...
  10. Bennybooster

    B2 suspension question

    What kind of trails are you looking to do with it? If you want to build a legitimate rock crawler for intense trails then stock axles have to go. If you want a mild trail runner then you could swap in a d35 and 8.8. Either way the d28 and 7.5 have to go
  11. Bennybooster

    93 Ford Explorer

    This one is hopeless, have fun with your POS, I'm out...
  12. Bennybooster

    93 Ford Explorer

    Carbs are for tards...
  13. Bennybooster

    disciplerocks's B2 build thread

    Mine is bedlined, still louder than crap. But there are some holes in it too, hence me spending money on nice speakers...
  14. Bennybooster

    disciplerocks's B2 build thread

    If you can I would leave the carpet in, mine is super loud inside
  15. Bennybooster

    my bronco 2

    Whats up with your rear pinion angle?
  16. Bennybooster

    my bronco 2

    I LOVE the tubbing in the rear
  17. Bennybooster

    Side facing rear seats on a B2

    Those jump seats are so uncomfortable, I would have given ya some for free + shipping a month or so ago
  18. Bennybooster

    New to me BII going to be a on going project

    You are going to want to swap to a D35 and 8.8 if you want your axles to survive over stock sized tires
  19. Bennybooster

    BII Rocks and 44's. LOTS of pictures.

    cage is looking good, I wouldn't even skin it. I like it how it is