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  1. brinker88

    My 1990 BII Bomber 4 linked with coilovers on all 4 Corners

    I absolutely love that MC cantilever design. Definitely stealing that for my future build
  2. brinker88

    Prerunners B II under construction (finally!)

    I got really good results with my explorer/ranger combo pack and the rear of my truck is lighter than a BII (fiberglass bed). Coupled with a good set of shocks, it's the perfect DD setup. The leaf springs have 7 leaves per pack
  3. brinker88

    A few questions about explorer leaf springs

    Yea those work as well, but usually have more mileage on them.
  4. brinker88

    A few questions about explorer leaf springs

    96-01 is a good base to start.
  5. brinker88

    Best axle swap for 1989 Bronco II

    Ford rangers had 3 different front diffs in them. 1.) Dana 28. 2.) Dana 35 HYBRID (D35 with D28 internals) <-- This is the diff that has a smooth case. And 3.) The typical Dana 35 (with a ribbed 3rd member, for that extra pleasure) Hope that clears anything up for you
  6. brinker88

    Lift Install problem

    There's a nut welded up inside the beam. You'll have to get in there with a wrench and hold on to it or weld it back on. Or cut the stud and buy a new one from me (I have a couple of them laying around) or broncograveyard.com sells them.
  7. brinker88

    fixing bodymounts

    FYI, a smaller diameter rod burns HOTTER than a larger rod. Stick to 110 MIG for a job like that and you'll be fine.
  8. brinker88

    bII not kick down at idle

    Have you checked the vaccuum diaphram on the transmission? Sounds like it could be your problem. If the vaccuum line OR the diaphram is bad, it won't shit right. It's located on the passenger side of your transmission up on top. You can see it if you unbolt your inspection plate in the cab.
  9. brinker88

    straight axel

  10. brinker88

    89 bii front springs retainer?

    I use a socket with an extension on a breaker bar. I can reach it through the top of the spring bucket.
  11. brinker88

    Are there a type of u-joints that you would recommend?

    I use spicer OE joints as well. If I'm in a pinch, I use BruteForce joints. They are available at Advance Auto Parts.
  12. brinker88

    disciplerocks's B2 build thread

    I am SO jealous of that snow you have. I'm sure it'll get here (PA) though.
  13. brinker88

    Trying to find a receiver hitch for a custom bumper?

    Tractor Supply, Buyers Products Inc, and Harbor Freight all carry this item.
  14. brinker88

    Building a Heavy Duty Front and Rear Bumper for my 86 B2!

    So.....why the big ass square bumper? Use some imagination and make it unique. Granted that's unique, but looks like shit. (IMHO)
  15. brinker88

    Building a Heavy Duty Front and Rear Bumper for my 86 B2!

    You DO realize a bumper doesn't need to be massive to be strong, right?
  16. brinker88

    My Bronco 2

    Set your toe and try again. Most likely will need drop brackets. Or you could cut a couple of the coils out of the spring.
  17. brinker88

    My Bronco 2

    Have you tried moving it at all? It WILL settle quite a bit when you pull forward/backward.
  18. brinker88

    1988 BII Build

    Looks good bro. Is it just me, or is your caster WAY off on that front passenger tire? Shock length looks perfect to me.
  19. brinker88

    Any bronco 2 tanks into explorers

    I believe most explorer guys use E-series van tanks. Or you could use a 90-91 Ranger tank. Use the rear tank for dual tanked trucks. It hangs about 2 inches higher than the BII tank does.
  20. brinker88

    My Bronco 2

    Pics or GTFO! Lol I'd like to see how you attached the EB coils.