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  1. BDAB

    has anyone tried tread wright tires?

    treadwrites=good ........ never had a problem with a treadwrite tire.
  2. BDAB

    Ford Explorer vs Jeep Cherokee

    I don't know ..... I give props to both...... atleast you didn't say Chevy S. Blazer. toyota LandCruiser also comes to mind. is this for doomsday prepping?
  3. BDAB

    Strange fuel problem

    you know a Monte Derrick?
  4. BDAB


    the best fix for an a4ld is an M5od-r1 swap
  5. BDAB

    Strange fuel problem

    I take it your from Tillamook ......... I grew up there..........
  6. BDAB

    93 Ford Explorer

    I thought nascar was fuel injected and 6spd now
  7. BDAB

    My baja 2

    is that the original Baja Bronco tire cover? I have not seen one of those since I was a child.....
  8. BDAB

    Is it time to sell or upgrade?

    yeah ........ I would fix what you got. recently I paid $5000 for a 99 Lincoln and had to changed the ball joints, tie rod ends, hub assemblies, and give it a tune up, plus tires..... all normal stuff for a car with 176,xxx miles. don't get me started on the POS Blazer with only 67,XXX miles...
  9. BDAB

    Is it time to sell or upgrade?

    a $4000 vehicle is the new $500 vehicle....... I would wait.
  10. BDAB

    Looking for an Explorer

    well .... the 2007 Iron man is already gone what year did Ford start the RSC? Read a few articles that claim its a decent off road tool.
  11. BDAB

    Looking for an Explorer

    I just sent him a link for an 07 Ironman Explorer with 21K for 10,000...... wish i could find it now but I don't yet have 10g cash...... and from now on I am a cash buyer.
  12. BDAB

    Looking for an Explorer

    this is what I was thinking Everything in MI is way over priced if it has no rust. Problem with buying one with a few problems is I never have time to get around to fixing them, So it goes to the same shop this guy had his work done at. This was my thinking.... plus its older than I want...
  13. BDAB

    Looking for an Explorer

    yeah I thought about that.... but he has documented $2500 worth of work done since picking it up at the auction. Work done by a reputable local shop. he is kinda firm on that price.... but ..... the timing chain rattles on start up and then quiets in less than 30 sec. I believe that rattle is...
  14. BDAB

    Looking for an Explorer

    more worried about the miles and price tag, transmission can be fixed, frmes and bodies are far more expensive to fix. NADA says it books out at $6025 on high book retail. I think I want to stay 2005 or newer.... whats this Ironman Explorer package all about..... all I can tell about it is 2...
  15. BDAB

    Looking for an Explorer

    Looked at one today. 2002, green, V6, 3rd row, 170K, good condition, many new parts, no timing chain service ...... $6000 should I walk away?
  16. BDAB

    2005+ Explorer

    Are all 2005+ 4dr Explorers 7 passenger?
  17. BDAB


    not a joke. POR-15 chemically changes the rust. do a search for por-15 and read the reviews ....... stay away from the reviews that are posted by rustoleum or other products.
  18. BDAB


    it would take a grinder and a chisel to get the por-15 off any paint shop would sell it or could get it......... keep in mind it works best with an already rusty frame.... if your frame is clean I would use something like rust bullet.
  19. BDAB


    I would use POR-15 to undercoat it ...... it would take 100 years for the salt to eat through the por-15. I use to use bedliner to undercoat but por-15 is so much easier to use and all you have to do is get the loose stuff off with a wire brush and paint over the rest.
  20. BDAB

    At my wits end!

    Check power to the switch. If thats ok check power from switch to module.... Power from module to shift motor...ect...... Or re-wire from power to switch to motor..... Or swap in a manual case and never have an issue with it again.