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  1. master hec0

    87 b2 wire help from the rbv gods

    I hate that little loop. it shorted out and would cause intermittent stalling then it melted and stayed grounded eventually i found it and just put electrical tape around it. its worked fine for over a year now.
  2. master hec0

    can u guys tell me about 2.9 v6's

    my deep socket fit very snugly in the hole. but also there is some kinda special security torx version too. when i come across those in the junkyard i just leave them because they are too hard to remove. on my bronco i have added longer screws with washers so i don't need a deep socket to remove...
  3. master hec0

    can u guys tell me about 2.9 v6's

    Get an oem from junkyard that's where I got my last one better then the napa one so far
  4. master hec0

    can u guys tell me about 2.9 v6's

    yeah i replaced my valve cover gaskets with cork and they blew out almost instantly. i have a set of rubber ones to put in. also i bought a brand new tfi from napa and it died really quick too. personally the oem one is better.
  5. master hec0

    can u guys tell me about 2.9 v6's

    mine starts easy in the winter. ticks for a few seconds when cold but the TFI is the biggest downfall i must have done 6 of those in the last 2 years and this truck only has 103000 kilometers.
  6. master hec0

    A4LD wont shift when "cold"

    i did some research and it appears to be the governor in the transmission.
  7. master hec0

    A4LD wont shift when "cold"

    if i start my 87 b2 up and drive it when it is cold it wont shift gears stuck in 1st/2nd and the about 10 mins of driving i get random shifting into 3rd and then eventually shifting as usual. the truck only has 100100 kilometers.
  8. master hec0

    Woodys BII build-ish

    too nice to hack up dont do it!
  9. master hec0

    Project El Taco...1990 BII

    i cant look at that 1st picture it messes with me. like that front end doesnt belong there yet its there and im scared.
  10. master hec0

    broncoii.org dead?!

    yep been getting that for 3 days now. i tried on 3 browsers so its defiantly down.
  11. master hec0

    What kind of oil do you guys run in the 2.9?

    i just put whatever i have laying around in my garage and the cheap stuff that is at the store
  12. master hec0

    New BII

    nice rig. i like that b2.org sticker.
  13. master hec0

    New here

    welcome to the site. glad to see another b2 owner
  14. master hec0

    Are these Bronco II rims worth anything?

    it would be harder to find someone to buy 3
  15. master hec0

    Are these Bronco II rims worth anything?

    50-100$ for the set would be its rough value. more if the tires are in good shape
  16. master hec0

    Wrecked 87 Bronco II

    well in my personal experience they did not work. possibly you were looking up 2wd?
  17. master hec0

    Wrecked 87 Bronco II

    i tried using used rotors from a 1988 bronco II to a 1987 and they did not work. same with the rear drums. so i doubt brake parts will work.
  18. master hec0

    roof poping

    sounds like the wind speed is causing it to push down and then when you slow down the wind dies down and it pops back up
  19. master hec0

    Bronco 2.9 wont start need help

    have you tested for spark? 1st off test for spark then check to see if you are getting fuel to the motor. after cranking for a bit remove a spark plug and see if its wet with gas. could also be timing but i doubt it.