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  1. hoosier1104

    v8 swap in a 1984 bronco II

    Do you still need headers? I believe I still have the stock Expo ones of my swap. I will have to make a call to find out though.
  2. hoosier1104

    Explorer Limited

    I am picking up some limited power seats later today. While looking under the seat I noticed that there was a motor that had a factory style sticker that said 'memory' on it. Is there any additional equipment I need to look for?
  3. hoosier1104

    1989 FX4 BII, resto-mod project

    It is coming together nicely man. Get some good wheeling pics and you could be up for OTOTM sooner than later.
  4. hoosier1104

    Explorer Twin Screw

    I am getting ready to the famous Explorer V8 swap for my Ranger. My question is should I twin screw it or not? :icon_confused: I want to but I want to hear from the experts to see if it is worth considering.
  5. hoosier1104

    My Small Bronco Grows Up

    This is epic! Nice work man.
  6. hoosier1104

    I have 2 running F-250's and this bronco II

    Now that is what I am talking about!