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  1. Ranger Kip

    89 B2 paint pics in Houston

    wow, thats impressive! good work!
  2. Ranger Kip

    Tony Raine's Bronco II

    love the build, whats your intended use for this thing when your done?
  3. Ranger Kip

    1988 BII Build

    loving the fab work, keepm it up
  4. Ranger Kip

    Holy rotting metal Batman!

    not too bad, but rust is only an issue if you have my truck
  5. Ranger Kip

    no cat on my bronco?

    Yeah, but really, its not monitored as heavily as you'd think here, at the dealerships its a little different, but most of the gas stations have "certified" inspections.
  6. Ranger Kip

    no cat on my bronco?

    I like where I am, a cat is only needed during inspection, otherwise they wont care if right after they do the inspection, you borrow their tools and yank it out.
  7. Ranger Kip

    Flipped bii pictures

    hammer hammer hammer!
  8. Ranger Kip

    Ranger Cab on a B2 frame

    looks really nice, good work! Im going to watch this!
  9. Ranger Kip

    Roof rack and basket

    very nice
  10. Ranger Kip

    Project "Step Child"

    looks good so far
  11. Ranger Kip

    Blu Rhino (gf named her)

    looks nice so far
  12. Ranger Kip

    my $1500 Bronco II build

    Nice build, Ima keep a look at this one
  13. Ranger Kip

    bronco 2 or full size bronco or ??

    Full size Broncos are bad on gas but are fun to drive. But in my personal experience with just seeing so many like this, they rust out FAST. So keep it in good condition if you get either one
  14. Ranger Kip

    What to do with aging explorer

    Goodluck with the exploder! they are nothing to brag about MPG wise, but otherwise very versitile vehicles =) goodluck!
  15. Ranger Kip

    Woodys BII build-ish

    I am liking this build!
  16. Ranger Kip

    What a bitchin forum. What would you do?

    Where ya from? pics!
  17. Ranger Kip

    What a bitchin forum. What would you do?

    goodluck with the new truck! (or SUV if I can even call it that, lol) lets see some pics!
  18. Ranger Kip

    best year first gen ex

    yeah, its mostly body style, they all get the same terrible gas mileage and good durability, OH, and the same roll-over rating... except the first gens, those got pretty bad ratings, but who is counting? haha I'd got with a new one if you could afford it, but first gens are nice aswell =) basic...
  19. Ranger Kip

    Project El Taco...1990 BII

    nice build! I like that it looks stock, but at the same time, looks custom.... kinda like a mind fu**