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    My Project Bronco II

    Well other than a few little items it is complete. I have been driving it a round some and have now got about 600 miles on it and have all of the bugs worked out of it. So here are the Spec's 1984 Bronco II changed over to 4x2 I used the stock 2 wheel drive beams spindles and mounts from a...
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    interior changes . . .

    I will be posting up pic's. this is the 2nd one I did with the tailgate.
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    interior changes . . .

    yes the one that I posted up is mine it has been getting a face lift and motor swap done to it and the complete interior done. It no longer has the 1 piece rear gate it has a tail gate and a cut down upper going on it.
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    interior changes . . .

    Something like this, http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/picture.php?albumid=2654&pictureid=11022
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    need some answers about v8 swap

    if it is from a 70's truck it should be a 360 or 390 also I don't recall ford every making a 362 they made a 352 which was in some early model trucks. If it is a 360 or 390 it will be tight to fit it in a ranger or bronco 2.9 since it is a wide block. You may be able to sell it or trade it for a...
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    1984 Bronco II

    the 2.9 heads will not work on the 2.8, as for the 4.0 being made into a carb motor I am not sure but the wiring to do the 4.0 swap is not that hard. I did it on my 84 but I used the complete dash and harness from an explorer. I also did the swap on a friends ranger and wired it up in a day.
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    1984 Bronco II build

    well the 5.0 is in Place now time to start building the headers. http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/picture.php?albumid=2654&pictureid=10874
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    1984 Bronco II build

    Yea I have only seen 2 of them done as strret trucks and I love the look that they have, so this one is getting everything done to it. Currently I got the paint all done but the hood and rear gate, the 8.8 under it, the new front end under it and today my Fabtech 2" lowering springs came in...
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    1984 Bronco II build

    Well I have had this bronco II for a While and it has been through a Lot it went from a 2.8 / C5 to 4.0 / power train about 7 years ago and got a 1993 dash and wiring put in it, now for the last 6 months it has been in the garage getting a Make over. The plan for it is to make it a Street...
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    1989 bii

    First do you have the stock gauge or an after market mechanical gauge? If you have the stock gauge it could be that 1) the port for the sensor is plugged and it needs cleaned out or 2) the sensor is plugged up. now there are two ways you can go from here 1) pull the oil pressure sensor and...
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    easiest way to fix front end

    I hate to tell you this but you are going to have to pull the knuckle to change this out. Unless you buy the complete beam and knuckle and shaft and put back in but I feel that is a waste of time since you don't know what the u-joint is going to be like in the replacement, plus that is a lot of...
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    bII shuts off

    sounds like a ingition coil, I had the same problem on my 87 Bronco II I first replaced the TFI, and it did it again so I put a new coil on it and the problem was cured also I was not getting any codes for it ether.