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  1. J

    blower switch

    So it's not an issue of quality, more of availability. I'll go check on it.
  2. J

    blower switch

    Wait....one more thing. Is this a part that I can get at the parts house, or do I need to get the ford specific part? I know there is the occasional part that isn't worth getting at a parts house. What about this one?
  3. J

    blower switch

    Awesome!! Thanks guys! It helps a lot!
  4. J

    blower switch

    Is that expensive or hard to replace??
  5. J

    blower switch

    Wasn't sure exactly where to post this. I have one speed out of four on my blower switch. The highest speed only. When I first got it, the first three worked, but the highest one didn't, then it switched randomly. We are recharging the air conditioning system when I go home this weekend for fall...
  6. J

    No more leaves please....

    I know this has been talked about, but I was wondering if anyone had any pics. Where is the spot to put mesh wire so leaves don't end up down in the passenger floorboard? Hmmmm, doesn't snow come in there as well? How do I stop that?