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    1986 B2 EB in For Sale Section

    If she will love it then yes! PM soon as I am going put it on the road this weekend. BTW I am from Bellingham
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    1986 B2 EB in For Sale Section

    Thank you. I spent 2 years looking for it. I really hope it goes to someone who will care for it.
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    1986 B2 EB in For Sale Section

    Sadly I am selling my B2. Located in the Seattle area. Here is a link, http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1366226#post1366226
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    Amazing 86 B2 EB

    1986 Ford Bronco 2 Dark Walnut Metallic Eddie Bauer 126K miles Two owners I bought it from the original owner who special ordered it. It sat in a heated garage for ten years when I got it and I have always garaged it. I put a lot of time and money into it yet with a deep heart I need to...
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    OE BI Paint Schemes

    Dang the pictures aren't showing up for me.
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    Bronco 2 stability

    Hey thanks for the input. My B2 is very stable yet better sway bars would be better! I have new front coils, Bilstein and wider wheels. I live a few miles outside of town. There are three B2's out here. One that is like mine, a brown Eddie Bauer. Yet mine is much better shape. The third one is...
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    Bronco 2 stability

    Where can you get upgraded sway bars?
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    Bronco II Washer Fluid Sensor Stays Lit

    I have the same issue and I am looking forward to seeing a solve for this.
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    Fresh 2.9L

    Hey where did you get the engine and how much if you don't mind me asking?
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    302 swap in 1988 bronco

    I sure wish there was a forum that had a section dedicated to this swap and a pile of info in a tech section.......oh and the ability to search... .
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    FSB 5.0 for a B2

    Thanks again. So the best setup for my 86 B2 would be a 5.0, tranny and transfer case from the same year F150? True?
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    FSB 5.0 for a B2

    Thanks again for the info. One more question, if I want to keep the manual tranny should I look for a Mustang? Also my 86 B2 is a 4x4. Thanks.
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    FSB 5.0 for a B2

    Yap I meant full sized bronco and thanks for the info!
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    FSB 5.0 for a B2

    Just wondering why folks recommend using the Expo as a donor but not the FSB. I have an 86 B2 4spd that needs a V8. Thanks.
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    Project Money Pit

    That is my favorite color combo! Nice B2!
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    My Bronco II!!

    Nice colors!
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    8.8 swap questions

    Isn't the 8.8 from the Ex 1 inch wider? Does that affect how the B2 will track?
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    did Eddie Bauer BII's

    When I spent two years looking for one manual trannys were few and far between in the NW.
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    did Eddie Bauer BII's

    I have an 86 EB with a manual. I got it from the orginal owner who said he ordered it that way. Five speeds are rare.
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    My New Bronco II

    WOW!!!! I dig that paint combo!!