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    Transmission Issue

    Okay I need some help!!! Took my trans out of my 1985 Bronco II it has the FM145. Put in new clutch, pressure plate, and throwout bering also put in flywheel while I was at it. Bleed the clutch down and put in new shifter now it acts like it is always in a gear and you can only shift into...
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    Shifter Questions

    Hey you gave have always helped in the past so I thought I would throw this question out there. Will a shifter out of the Toyo Koygo fit in a FM145 I can't seem to find one anywhere but have found a couple websites selling the shifter for the Toyo Koygo.
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    Explorer leafs and springs??

    I have an 85 BII it currently has a 2"JD body lift and blocks in back spacers in front was wanting to go with explorer springs and leafs will I need to do anything to driveshaft or are they a direct bolt on and go. Any advice would be great!!
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    85 BII Starting problems

    Thanks for the advice went and got factory starter bolts and now it starts with no grinding and starts everytime.
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    85 BII Starting problems

    1985 BII with a 2.8 and five speed. Was grinding a little bit when I bought so I put in new battery and starter worked fine for about four months. Then all of the sudden starter sounded like it quit engaging replaced starter again but still has same problem if I turn the flywheel it grinds hard...
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    Head Lights

    The best way I have found is in front of a garage door. Especially one with the raised panels that way you can line them up in the panels directly across from each other.