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    My 1990 BII Bomber 4 linked with coilovers on all 4 Corners

    I have this exact swap in my DD, it might run, but you'll have problems with heater controls tail lights, interior lights windsheild wipers ect, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My 1990 BII Bomber 4 linked with coilovers on all 4 Corners

    I have all the info to make the engine harness for the 91 mate perfectly with the 89 bronco 2 dash harness, at the big white plug, I belive repin 9 wires Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Official 4.0 swap! 89 b2 xlt 2.9 auto to 4.0 with m5od complete conversion thread and

    Okay guys I'm going to try to make the most complete build thread I have ever made to date with lots of pictures and such. I'm waiting for my ride to get back then I'm picking up a fresh clutch for the M5OD trans and wading over to my cousins pole barn to complete the swap in 1 day!!! I know...
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    Full size axel swap 78 d44 and 9" SAS in 86 B2

    Ok so I'm moving my build thread from the b2 area here to get a little more traffic and insight from the experts So here is the build plan, Starting with my 86 bronco 2 it's got a 90 4.0 and dash and front clip It does need a little tlc, and I'm working on that I'm keeping the 78-79 axles...
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    Gas in oil....dipstick smells of gas

    There is two ways gas could get into the oil The first and most likely is the lower intake manifold gasket, although if this went, I would think you would have coolant issues as well, but i guess it could happen The other is that your rings are shot, and a combination of bad spark could allow...
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    2.9l radiator in 4.0 swap, gas mileage? Warm up time

    I'm not running ac or a auto trans so my question is , will the 2.9l radiator hold up behind the 90 4.0 I know the warmer you can run your engine the better fuel mileage you will get I have the 2.9l radiator in now, but it has a pretty big leak in her so I'm always adding coolant, I'd like to...
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    4.0 dies when warm after swap also cluster back light won't turn off

    So I finished my 4.0 swap in the 86 I have just a few minor problems First the bigger one She starts up cold like a bat out of hell Once let her set and idle she will idle for about 15 mins until she gets good and warm then she just chug a chugs and does out When I try pushing that gas it...
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    The best full size axel swap for b2??

    What I want is full size axels under my b2 I've seen a few with full size axels and some lift and I love the look. I'm up for anything I know there's going to be some cut and pasting I also am looking to get 3-6 inches of lift.. I've heard of using early bronco axels, But I wouldn't mind a...
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    86 b2 build thread 90 ranger 4.0 swap Pics!!

    Starting my build thread to give you guys some motivation to do your own 4.0 swap !! Here's some picsstarted ripping her apart the first gen front end is going bye bye. the old 2.9 is coming out its out!!
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    Need 86 b2/ ranger evtm and 90 ranger evtm!!!asap

    So I'm working on the 4.0 swap and I really need to find these evtms to make things a bit more clear, I didn't plan on using the new stlye steering c
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    4.0 Swap in 86 B2 getting my donor engine Tom any tips before I go to the JY

    So I think I have the basics covered I've done this swap once before in a 89 b2 so it was a lil easier then this one is gonna be, I have a 86 b2 made 10/85 2.9l efi The donor is a 90 ranger 4.0l I'm not sure if it is auto or man trans I'm guessing auto, I know the harnesses are the same I had...
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    Help Removing the speedo cable from the cluster on a 86 b2

    I've never seen this clip or had to do this before and you can't really get to it, and I don't want to break my speedo cable.. I already broke the clip, here's a pic, what's the secret??heres before I broke it N after
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    86 2.9l sensors what should I replace? In what order?

    Okay so finally got the beast road worth but their is still a few hiccups. 86 b2 man trans 2.9l efi Put all new motorcraft spark plugs in yesterday, it ran a lot better after that, wires looked visually appetizing, so going to wait on those for now.. But... She doesn't want to start in the...
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    Okay 86 transfer case questions?

    This is my first b2 with a manual trans case, it's the original in the 86 although it was built in 85.. When I bought it I asked if the 4x4 works he said there was a belt that was broke in the t-case?? I was thinking belt?? It's a ford not a Cadillac, lol what I think he was talking about was a...
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    Help!!! at the braking point with my brakes all new brakes and cant get blead out!!!

    so i have a 1986 b2 500$ picked her up last friday she was sitting for 10 years i got the mouse nest outta the intake, unstuck the throttle body, and she fired right up, after i put a new ignition lock and tumbler in. i backed her outta the drive and went to hit the brakes and they went...
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    Hey its been a while!! so questions on 97 mountaineer 5.0l swap to 89 b2

    so what manual transfercase should i get for the 5.0 auto trans? or even a electronic one? my girls 02 eddie bauer explorer has the 4.6 with elct shift 4x4 and ive never had a problem. something i can find at the junk yard for cheap.
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    Hey its been a while!! so questions on 97 mountaineer 5.0l swap to 89 b2

    soo i completed the 4.0L swap in my 89 bronco II was my daily driver and a blast to drive untill i was hit in the passenger side rear and rolled onto my roof at 55 mph. one hell pf a ride but my b2 kept me safe, but there wasnt much left of the truck.. so now i am haveing seperation anxiety...
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    b2 windshield

    i guessing that a ranger windsheild wil fit somewindsheilds are harder to get out then others the factory ford windsheild was glued in with a almost bubblegum like tar soft and pliable easy to remove the aftermarkets usually are applied with a thicker stronger silicone the trick is guitar...
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    acceleration and maintaining speed issue

    Did you pull the little pill near the distributor while you were setting the timing? other wise the auto advancement will mess up the timing hapend to my 2.9l double check it. n wouldnt you want like 3.55s?
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    88 BII winch bumper!!!

    i would add some triangular gussets to the ears sticking out from the bumper it looks like a turn would almost peel the tongue right off the bumper reinforceing can never hurt