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    Vin lookup?

    Is there any sites that give good vin lookup service. Not sure anything would go back to 1985 but figure I would ask. Thanks D
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    How to tell R12 or 134a

    Thanks for the reply. My 134a bottle snaps right on. I was worried about if there is r12 I. There if mixing is a problem, but chances are it’s 134a if the newer valves are already on there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    AC Clutch Cycles

    85 2.8l Previous owner told me clutch was bad. replaced with junkyard clutch and still cycles. Is this a sign or bad clutch? Is there a way to check to see if the clutch is good/bad? Can you add 134 to R12? How can you tell if you have R12 bs 134? Clutch cycles and when trying to add fluid...
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    How to tell R12 or 134a

    1985 Bronco II 2.8 EB Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Does this part leak oil?

    Thanks for not kicking me outta the forum for such a lame post. I tried to upload from photobucket but they want $ then my laptop gave me issues so I couldnt repost. Trying tapatalk now. Would the O=rings be located where the units screw into the block. Those locations are dry. Thanks for...
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    Does this part leak oil?

    85' 2.8L This part is located in front of oil pan and bolts into the side of the motor. It is brass in color and has a wire hanging from bottom. Wire is insulated but I do not know it's final location. Oil drips from this part (brass color) and one that is similar in color just above it. When...