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    B2 frame cross member/transmission mount bushings

    I didn't know where to put this so feel free to move it. My 1987 has lost about an inch of transmission height because the rear transmission mount and the bushings in the cross member are worn. I have order new transmission mount and engine mounts and will replace those. I'd also like to do...
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    1987 B2 suddenly died and has not fired since ;(

    My 87 B2 recently died while driving. There were no warning signs that I know of, although it's always gotten bad gas mileage, maybe 11 mpg or so. There is battery voltage at the ignition coil connection with ignition on but no spark at the center coil wire as far as I can tell. No signs of life...
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    Bronco 2 No Start

    Also, is there a way to measure the voltage at the HEI output from the ignition coil? I know it's high voltage so maybe not.
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    Bronco 2 No Start

    I'm looking for ideas here. The Bronco 2 was driving happily down the road and completely quit running. No sputtering, no more firing after coming to a complete stop. I can hear fuel pump running and have also sprayed starting fluid into the throttle body but no response while engine is being...
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    B2 Radiator swap question

    I found a 91 Explorer radiator that I swapped into my B2. The leaking B2 Radiator had been the thinner version, although also having the transmission cooler. The Explorer radiator was pretty much a direct fit except that the upper hose goes in at a slightly different angle. The Explorer had a 7...
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    Compatible radiators for 4x4 B2?

    I figure the Rangers from 1984 to 1990 would work for my B2, at least the 4x4 ones. Mine is 4WD Automatic with a/c. Are there explorers or other Rangers or fords that would be a direct fit? I'm getting ready to head for the junkyard.
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    1987 Bronco 2 2.9 v6 leaking coolant

    I stupidly left the B2 outside with water in cooling system...no antifreeze. Some low temps, as low as 17 degrees overnight. It still runs but now leaks coolant from a circular hole below the passenger side exhaust manifold. The hole is original in the block, but the leak is new. Could this be a...
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    1987 B2 air filter box hose

    I was recently fixing my AC and found the recirc/fresh air diverter blocked by leaves and debris resting on top of the flap. I couldn't get the flap open so I removed the air cleaner box, the squirrel cage fan, etc, and removed the debris through the engine compartment. I had to cut the circular...
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    '87 B2 moonroof glass hardware parts wanted

    Does anybody have the hinges (both the front half and back half) and the rear latch assembly? I'm willing to pay for these via PayPal if someone has them. Or, if someone is willing to get these pieces for me from a local salvage yard, that would be greatly appreciated. Mine broke when I was...
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    1987 B2 Sun Roof

    I'm wondering whether anyone knows in what years and trim levels would have included a sun roof. My B2 is Eddie Bauer with what I believe was an original roof glass. this is above the front seat with a plastic wheel/crank at the rear and two hinge/clips at the front. The glass can be raised at...
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    B2 Fender Lettering

    I was looking at local junkyards for fender emblems and found one that says "Bronco II" on the top line and below in red letters "XLT". My '87 is actually the Eddie Bauer Edition but has two different lettering styles. On one fender, it has the style I bought at the junkyard (upper case B with...
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    B2 sunroof hardware

    Someone glued my sunroof shut...that was before I bought the Bronco. It is hinged in front and has a knob to raise and lower in back. But, the hinges are broken and I'm looking for replacement hardware. Is any of this stuff sold online or will a junkyard be the only option? If so, does anyone...
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    Spare Tire Rack for Bronco II

    Wondering if anyone has hints on replacing the spare tire rack (it's missing on the 1987 Bronco II I've been working on). I don't care what condition it's in. I figure the full size Bronco racks won't work but wondering what years of Bronco II will work or whether there's after market stuff for...
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    Picture Wanted. Parking brake adjustment lever

    Can someone get me a picture or diagram of the parking brake mechanism below the driver's side door on the frame rail? I can't find anything in the Haynes manual and someone disconnected this whole assembly so now the parking brake doesn't work at all. And, I can't figure out where and how to...
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    Bronco II 1987 Project Automatic 2.9 V6

    I finally got the transmission out and found the flex plate fractured in three places around the center. The six hole center section had broken completely away from the plate. When I removed the bolts, the 6 hole crankshaft spacer fell out (didn't know that was back there). The small raised rim...