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    Motor Week BII review

    I found this video on Youtube and thought some might find it interesting. It's a review of the 84 Bronco II. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ykvs1WDXTbQ
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    88 BII fuel leak

    I took that canister off on my 88 and it wouldn't seal back up. I couldn't find a o-ring that would fit(the one that comes with the fuel filter is too small.) So I just bought some fuel resist RTV sealant and coated the threads and put it back on and then put more on the outside. That's been...
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    Lund visor

    I was wondering if a lund visor for an aerostar will work on a Bronco ii? The part number is 12049. Thanks
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    elec. 4x4 shifter

    Here is what I did to fix mine. On the motor there is a cover that has wires going into it. Take it off and remove the gear. The gear has screw on the back side that is used for a "stop" to keep the motor from turing too far. The screw has a plastic ring around it that breaks and lets the motor...
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    no power, sputtering, fire from exhaust, bad idle

    I would say this is the problem.