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  1. Will

    Oil pump fix?

    Maybe so, but how do you know the oil pump is bad? An oil pump doesn't fail like an alternator or waterpump fails. An oil pump is cooled and lubricated by oil. It has the job even Hugh Hefner longs for--there is no better job in the world than being an oil pump.
  2. Will

    Oil pump fix?

    You know what? It's easy to pull an engine. Unless you are the world's biggest wuss, you could pull your little V6 by hand. No, you can't swap an oil pump like you think. I have swapped crank bearings that way, though. You cut a box nail off and put the nail into the oiling hole. Rolling the...
  3. Will

    Motor Removal

    I'd leave the tranny in there. Unbolt the exhaust at the manifolds, take the nuts off the flexplate and push the converter back as far as you can, take the bolts out of the tranny-block, unhooks everything and unbolt the mounts. Lift the motor to get it free and gently work it forward while...
  4. Will

    proud new owner

    Cut the fenders for 35s. Just kidding. I hate seeing these things cut these days. Time to start hacking up the newer ones and preserving the older.
  5. Will

    B2 has to wait.

    This has been appliance year for me. The central air iced up do to dirty coils--how that happened with a $40 filter in front of it? We ran the washing machine pump with a drill for a few days waiting for parts--then the tub splines sheared off from the kids constantly overloading it. The defrost...
  6. Will

    My Bronco II!!

  7. Will

    The B2 is down...............

    Pour a little sawdust in there to take up the clearances and sell it.
  8. Will

    Auto to Manual Swap

    I'm swapping my B2 body for an '83 Ranger cab right now. I'm using a C5 auto, but maybe I'll look at the pedals from the '89 and try to figure out why they don't work. I want to use the cruise control and tilt steering from the '89 anyway, so I'll have that apart. Seems like Ford likes to change...
  9. Will

    engine questions

    Want Vegas Odds on this project?
  10. Will

    Auto to Manual Swap

    I didn't know the pedal sets were different between generations. I went from a '91 Ranger to an '89 B2 and it was an exact fit.
  11. Will

    Auto to Manual Swap

    You need the whole vehicle the engine came out of. And the wiring diagrams from helminc.com. With those, the swap is possible. With a hell of a lot of want-to, it's a sure thing.
  12. Will

    Swapin 2.8 for 2.9

    It's not horrible, but you are going to need a high-pressure fuel pump and return lines. Possible the in-tank pump on the Ranger would fit in the B2 tank, not sure. The fuel lines are totally different so that's the biggest issue. The wiring is not a big deal since you have the donor vehicle...
  13. Will

    Diecast Bronco II's

    We have a Matchbox B2 with zebra stripes.
  14. Will

    Radius arm help!!!!!

    I had good luck in the past, but last time I took one apart to replace my torn axle beam, I couldn't get it to budge. I bought the replacement axle off the truck so I didn't have the 4,000#. My 1/2" drive impact had no effect at all. I happened to see one of those tool tents in the parking lot...
  15. Will

    13 MPG Ouch!!!

    My 4.0 B2 gets 13mpg just driving around. It gets 20mpg on the highway with the cruise set at 65. Under what conditions are you getting 13? My diesel Passat gets 42 in the summer just driving around. Don't they have lots of diesels down there?
  16. Will

    Wheel Spacers

    I've had them on the rear of my B2 for years. The reason is, I have a Ranger axle in it and the Ranger axle is narrower, which caused the tires to rub on the inside of the B2 body. Like was said, torque them to 100# and use red Locktite.
  17. Will

    The end on a wonderful day..

    If my wife took a saw to my truck she wouldn't stop at the wheel wells.
  18. Will

    help with alternator convertion

    I don't understand your premis, which is "In the quest for more power I am converting my internally regulated alternator to an externally regulated alternator." I have no idea about what you are doing or where you got the idea for it--or what the vehicle is you are taking these parts from...
  19. Will

    Bye,Bye A4LD...5-Speed in???????????????

    Yep, this is exactly the problem everyone has on the A4LD and you got screwed because your rebuilder doesn't know about it. They just slap new soft parts in. >>LINK<< Now, if you really want to swap in a 5-speed, you are going to need enough parts that the only viable option is to find a...
  20. Will

    permanant fix for the a4ld?