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    Looking for a hood in Sandalwood Metallic in good condition. Anyone know of one?

    Recent hail storm ruined my hood. I'd like to get a replacement in the central texas area. If anyone has one, please let me know.
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    Hail took out my driver side back glass, need a replacement.

    Thanks Jules, I was able to find one in a yard locally and got it installed already. Thanks though! Chris
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    Hail took out my driver side back glass, need a replacement.

    Thanks, ya I did, and found one fairly nearby for $275. They are supposed to check and see if its still there, and call me back. I like your build of Alma, just read it. Ha ha. I knew from the first pics and the rust description that you had to be from Michigan. Where else would you...
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    Hail took out my driver side back glass, need a replacement.

    Anyone on this chat board anymore?
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    Hail took out my driver side back glass, need a replacement.

    Hey guys, the driver side rear glass got broken out by hail last night. Need a new window. Anyone have an extra piece they'd part with. I'm just outside of Austin, Tx. Thanks, Chris
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    rear window swap

    When you say EB, you're talking about an Eddie Bauer right? I hadn't ever seen the hatch open on the B2, only on Explorers. I looked into that, but the lift gate shape seems to be different. But as you say, if the glass and latches, etc are the same, maybe that could be made to work...
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    Gas smell after driving

    Yep, what Duffy said. Be sure to replace Both fuel filters while your under there. Did you have the dealership do the work? If so, they probably just charged you for spraying brake cleaner on your valve covers. I think prices for nice ones are are certainly going up, but the only way to...
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    anyone use wheel spacers?

    I don't see any difference in the potential wear-ability of parts with either method of widening the stance, it creates the same longer moment arm. I added 1.5" billet aluminum spacers on my 1989. I read an article on the rollover lawsuits, and it said the engineers recommended widening the...
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    Stock Spring Upgrades

    I'm trying to find out if there are any stock upgrades for my 1989 4wd Bronco II Eddie Bauer. Its a little mushy. Do springs from a Ranger or Explorer have higher rates and bolt in? Thanks!
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    Recommendations for Nerf Bars/Hood Deflector for 1989 Bronco II

    Mikey, Rockauto has 3 hood deflectors for the BII.
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    Cheap LED headlights

    That sounds like a sweet upgrade. Very cool looking too!
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    New guy and have been searching for a BII

    I just bought one from California. There were several others near Sacramento for sale. They all looked really nice and were rust free. they were all about $2500. Mines actually being delivered today. Only $800 delivered to my door in Texas. If you look at one you can see in person, try to...