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  1. jbbarrus

    Looking for value range for 85 Bronco II

    I have a 1985 Bronco II, 2.8l v6, 4wd, and lifted. I've gotten it running pretty well, but discovered that 3 of the 4 fenders have rusted through. I've included pictures below. I was going to fix it up for my 16 year old son, but we've decided that it is too much work than we want to take on. It...
  2. jbbarrus

    Shock Tower Tabs

    Mine are broken off too. That's what I was looking for today. Thanks to anyone who provided help! JB
  3. jbbarrus

    SOLD! OEM wheels for sale

  4. jbbarrus

    SOLD! OEM wheels for sale

    Could you tell me about how much you got for these?
  5. jbbarrus

    What is this?

    Oops! Yes, that’s correct. I posted this late last night after a frustrating evening of trying to change the spark plugs with slow success. I got 5 done, but the #2 plug was a beast and #3 made me decide to call it a day. I’ll come at it again tonight. I’m not a mechanic, just a farm kid who...
  6. jbbarrus

    What is this?

    1985 Bronco 2 - 2.8L V6 I was changing spark plugs and wires. On Cylinder #1 (right side closest to the firewall) things were awfully tight. I pulled on a hose a bit too hard and this pulled out. the left end went down and connected to this: Anyone have any idea what this is? I appreciate any...
  7. jbbarrus

    Oops! Posted too wrong thread.

    So I deleted. I’ll add a picture just for good measure. We thought there wasn’t any significant rust, but I power washed it on Saturday. There appear to be a few other bubbly areas around the wheel wells. Dang it! JB
  8. jbbarrus

    Distributor question

    I bought a new distributor cap and rotor for my 1985 Bronco II 2.8L. The original, and the one I got from the parts store, looks like the brown one on the bottom. The one I removed is very much different. I was asked in a previous thread if I had converted it to a duraspark. Is this the correct...
  9. jbbarrus

    1985 Bronco II exhaust question.

    I'm not sure how to determine if this has been done. It runs pretty well, as far as I can tell. I have not had it out for much of a drive because the cab would fill up with exhaust fumes before I got the exhaust back together. Also, the positive power terminal was loose and when I tried to...
  10. jbbarrus

    1985 Bronco II exhaust question.

    I found the bolt size. They were M10X1.50. So, now I have the exhaust put back together.
  11. jbbarrus

    1985 Bronco II exhaust question.

    It's definitely leaking oil and has been for quite a while. I've ordered a new valve case gasket kit and will get that changed out as soon as I get some time and after I get the exhaust put back together. I have a new PCV valve and grommet coming. The existing valve is loose in the grommet and...
  12. jbbarrus

    1985 Bronco II exhaust question.

    I recently acquired a 1985 Bronco II with the 2.8 L V-6 to fix up for my son. The exhaust had been pulled apart with the y pipe and cat in the back. several of the bolts had broken so I took them to the hardware store and bought matching bolts. I got matching nuts for the exhaust manifold...