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  1. Dugan

    Looking for picture of wire routing

    I'm building a 86 b2. When we removed all the wiring to reinstall it later we are missing part of the harness for the NSS. I have a round 5 pin connector and a 3 prong along with a bare NSS (red/blu) wire on the solenoid and a large black/org wire off solenoid. It's all on pass side. Can some...
  2. Dugan

    "Mini Me" Low COG B2 Crawler/Jumper Build

    So far I have one side mocked up, I was only able to get 2" of up travel because the coilovers I am using for mock up have foam bumps on the shaft. Any more than this 2" of up travel and I will be hitting the body with the tires. I need to get some 2" spacers for the wheels so that I can push...
  3. Dugan

    "Mini Me" Low COG B2 Crawler/Jumper Build

    Pinion Change is very minor as the bars are very close in length. Next we started cutting out the inner fenders and the side of the B2 for the comp cut, later I will be going back and making a piece for the front of this area to fill it in. I started making brackets and mounting the...
  4. Dugan

    "Mini Me" Low COG B2 Crawler/Jumper Build

    Everything is tacked welded together and set how I want it, time to build the link bars. I had to make custom upper links on the frame to make it so a nut could fit between the bracket and the frame plating. I decided to test out the new press brake I got from Swag Offroad too. Then I...
  5. Dugan

    "Mini Me" Low COG B2 Crawler/Jumper Build

    After tacking on the front bracket I moved on to the rear, I started by welding on the Artec truss Ive had sitting around for years. Heres a quick picture of the C5 mated to the 1350/1354 doubler. The C5 was sent out to my friends shop (Mount Holly Transmissions in Pemberton, NJ) to be...
  6. Dugan

    "Mini Me" Low COG B2 Crawler/Jumper Build

    Since I have a cnc plasma, I took some measurements off the stock mounting location of the driver beam bracket and quickly CAD'd up one that is made for a 3.5" lift and is pushed toward the driver side 0.5".
  7. Dugan

    "Mini Me" Low COG B2 Crawler/Jumper Build

    This was the ranger that all the axles and components are coming off of Every year I take a week off work, the week of presidents day to build a project. For the last 2 years its been our mega truck bronco that this Bronco 2 is the "mini me" of. So the first day of "Hell Week" we tore apart...
  8. Dugan

    "Mini Me" Low COG B2 Crawler/Jumper Build

    I obtained a Bronco 2 about a year ago with 40" Iroks on it. I was running a modified TTB long travel Ranger on 35s and bought the B2 for the tires. I ran the Ranger for about a year on a Dana 35 TTB and 8.8 Rear with Lockers front and rear and 4.56 gears on 40" IROKs with no issues. Well the...
  9. Dugan

    1st gen expo hatch on b2

    Do they fit? Look almost the same. But i know the rear seats dont swap between them, do the rear hatches?
  10. Dugan

    Will 32 inch tires fit if i have a 3 inch lift?

    Exactly.. JUNK yard... haha I fit 34x9.5s on my ranger with a 3" body lift. It only rubbed the inner fenderwell a bit and I could flex it with the width of them and have no problems.
  11. Dugan

    Looking for new floorboards for 86 B2

    If you live in Jersey im able to transfer em over easily for a resonable price
  12. Dugan

    Redneck ways to fix a oil leak?!

    I resent that!