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  8. HI ENUF

    84-88 or 89-90 trim panels?

    have a 84 and swapped entire interior from 90 minus dash. Original color was blue. Carpet, seats, panels all fit fine. just had to redrill most of the mounting points since they didn't line up with originals. easy to do. headliner fit well, lights in same spot. push in thing in center was...
  9. HI ENUF

    Rear floor sill

    Made mine removable to make it simple to change fuel pump or in my case just the sender.
  10. HI ENUF

    Welcome to the forum

    Couldn't afford the original so I bought a grill and did the next best thing.
  11. HI ENUF

    Abandoned & Junk Bronco II's

    Turned in some scrap metal last year and decided to walk through the yard. Seen this 90 sitting there. Checked it out and interior was excellent and engine looked like it wasn't missing anything. To bad it was built in 89 and had the Dana 28 up front. My brother inlaw knows the owner and he...
  12. HI ENUF

    84 Bronco II with a facelift back on the trails after sitting 16 years

    Purchased this Bronco II in 1985 stock in California while in the Marines with 5,000 miles on it. 3 months later it was lifted and 31" tires installed ( currently has 33's). Used as daily driver and trails. Many changes over the years to include: limited slips front and rear, 4.56 gear ratio...