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  1. timmytim

    power wire

    I am getting disappointed in this forum because know one answers my post. So this will be my last post. I have a 84 bronco ll 2.8 5spd carb. PO took a pocket knife to the dang wiring and hacked it up. They took the Ecu out but left the wires. Will I be able to straight wire the gauges without...
  2. timmytim

    84 bll fuse panel

    Anyone have a pic of the fuse panel or a schematic so I can study which fuse goes where? Also if someone has a pic of the engine bay wiring for a 84 2.8 with and with out the eec :icon_hornsup:
  3. timmytim

    Passenger door

    Will the 89 bll passenger door fit on a 84? The 89 is power windows and i would need to convert it to the manual windows
  4. timmytim

    Wiring Harness

    I just bought my first bronco ll. Its a 1984 with 2.8 and 5spd...Its actually for my son. We are going to work on it together anyway the wiring under the hood is chopped up really bad. I need to get a new wiring harness and finding it hard to locate a used one. Is there a aftermarket harness...