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  1. Broncotim


    Welcome to the group. Changing the water pump is not bad. Hope you get the ole Bronco II running.
  2. Broncotim

    Rear upper shock mount replacement issue.

    I have a 1988 Bronco II. The rear upper shock mounts have seen better days and are heavily rusted. I want to replace them. My mounts have 4 rivets to the frame. I cannot find them online. I see just the three-hole type. Any ideas team?
  3. Broncotim

    1988 Bronco II clutch issue

    I am having an issue with my clutch on my 1988 Bronco II. At times the pedal rises but no resistance goes straight to the floor. It will come back up. During this I cannot shift into any gears. If I let the Bronco run and warm up sometimes the pressure will resume and then I can shift gears...
  4. Broncotim

    No clutch till Bronco warmed up?

    No. It would not go into gear when the clutch pedal had nor pressure. The clutch pedal would rise but no pressure when I would push down.
  5. Broncotim

    No clutch till Bronco warmed up?

    Today I decided to Drive my 1988 Bronco II. My Bronco II is stored in my detached garage. It stays dry. This week it's been very cold here in Tennessee at times below 0. Today when I started my clutch pedal had no pressure and I could not shift into gear. My fluid level was good and I could not...
  6. Broncotim

    Tire size that will fit with a 2 inch suspension lift

    I run 30x9.50-15 with a 2 inch lift. I could probably run 31x10-15 with some trimming.
  7. Broncotim

    1989 Bronco II Frame Repair

    https://www.broncocorral.com/forums/index.php?threads/coil-spring-tower-replacement.153673/ Please read as I had a similar issue.
  8. Broncotim

    Bedliner paint job idea.

    Looks good. I used the tint able raptor liner Red on the lower rocker panels on my 1988 Bronco II and loved the way it turned out.
  9. Broncotim

    Coil Spring Tower replacement.

    From ATS Ford Ranger Coil Spring/Shock Tower Kits (autoandtrucksprings.com)
  10. Broncotim

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Awesome thank you.
  11. Broncotim

    What did you do to your Bronco today?

    Where did you find the washer nozzle?
  12. Broncotim

    Bedliner paint job idea.

    What are your thoughts on a two tone Bedliner paint job. It's a most likely do it yourself job. Alot cheaper than a new paint job. My Bronco II's paint job is showing its age and has some blemishes. Looking for your feedback.
  13. Broncotim

    86 bronco 2 wont start when hot

    I once had an Engine Temp sensor cause issues with restarting after engine gets warm. Also, if the TFI module is old it could be heating up and faulting. When these occur the vehicle will turn over but not start until it cools. If the engine will not crank it could be something electrical to the...
  14. Broncotim

    Coil Spring Tower replacement.

    I finished the job. What a bear. Removing the coil spring was rather easy. Grinded the rivet heads and broke my air chisel trying to force the rivets out. A punch attached to a 1/2 inch extension and a hammer ultimately worked. Yes found frame rot. Called a friend that runs a mobile welder...
  15. Broncotim

    Coil Spring Tower replacement.

    I recently noticed that my 1988 Bronco II passenger side suspension coil spring tower is heavily rusted at its frame mounting location. I was able to order a new one from ATS. The match was for a Ranger the Bronco II they have listed is different than what I have. Also the Jeff Bronco's...
  16. Broncotim

    windshield washer nozzle replacement issue.

    No I am still searching. I need to go to the local junkyards and try my luck and see of they have any Bronco II's or maybe 80's rangers. Otherwise I'm going to have to get very creative.
  17. Broncotim

    Trying to improve road drivability.

    Over the last several weekends I have replaced the off road shocks I've been running for the last 28 Years on my 1988 Bronco II. Over the last 28 years of ownership I have run everything from Rancho, Pro-comp to KYB Mono Max. These were all two stiff for me as I have gotten older. I recently...
  18. Broncotim

    Change to Dura Spark

    Back in the day I purchased and used a distributor for a 1977 Ford Pinto 2.8L from Autozone. Duraspark harness from a 1978 Ford Pick up. New dura spark control box from autozone. Holley 2500 2bl carb jetted down. Worked on 1st start.
  19. Broncotim

    Finally replaced the 33 year old 02 sensor.

    The bronco II would not idle correctly and was getting awful fuel mileage.
  20. Broncotim

    windshield washer nozzle replacement issue.

    My nozzle jet on my 1988 Bronco does not spray correctly anymore. The part # is E5TZ17603A which ford does not carry anymore. I’m waiting on a refund for not being in stock. Has anyone used a different type. With winter here a usable sprayer nozzle is needed. Any ideas?