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  1. Decoy

    hood louver

    not sure where to post this, since its an air intake question and a body question....but i have a B2 so here's where i land. :D A friend of mine and i were talking the other day and we wondered why you can't stick a round/cone air filter on your stock intake hose and slap a louver on the hood...
  2. Decoy

    Electronic transfer case troubles

    Great! that's what I was hoping you'd say! would anyone know of a write up to troubleshoot and fix it? or is it easier just to replace it? thanks for the help!! the more i read about these things the more i realize that a manual t'case is better. i'll have to look up the build date and let you...
  3. Decoy

    Electronic transfer case troubles

    it does look a bit like one, but it doesnt wire up like one. i really think it has something to do with the tranfer case. (but i don't know) i would say "screw it!" and get a shiftster but right now, the wife drives the B2 more than i do and she really doesnt want to get under the truck to shift.
  4. Decoy

    Electronic transfer case troubles

    Hi fellas, i've got a 1990 B2 XLT that i just love to death so I've been a member for a little while but haven't posted much 'till now. the other day i started having trouble with my transfer case not shifting out of 4-low. i rebuilt the electric moter on the back of the transfercase and all...
  5. Decoy

    My new toy!

    I think he ment a rust free explorer.
  6. Decoy

    Bronco II seats

    that's good to know!
  7. Decoy

    hey fellas

    is it just me or is there a lot of white space in my sig?
  8. Decoy

    hey fellas

    good info! thanks! I haven't read all though the first link yet but i've got a question after seeing the last link you put up there: If I find ranger to pull the 4L out of ('91-'93 preferably) will I need to make any modifications to the wiring or will it just snap all in there? i think my b2 is...
  9. Decoy

    hey fellas

    howdy from the new guy! my name's paul, i'm 21, i'm a christian and audio guy (but I know next to squat about cars) I've had a stock 2.9L b2 for a while now and I haven't done anything with it but add the CB. well, the 2.9 has bit the dirt. my dad and I took it apart and found what looked like...