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    Has anyone seen a website that might show/share some of the stock graphics of 2nd gen BII's ? Also how about a tri-colored BII stripe??
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    Fuel Pressure Regulator

    I have a'89 BII, that caught FIRE, a couple months ago, I put a new fueltank and pump, lines and wiring. Now when she runs gas comes out the muffler, and she ran like CRAP...Could the FP Regulator be bad or clogged or stuck open..Or do I have bigger problems...
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    Haven't been on this site in a while,So I will get straight to my Question,On my way home from tech college,my 1989 Bronco II started sputtering and then backfiring, car behind me started blowing their horn,So I looked out my drivers window and flames were coming out between my tire and...
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    Any idea why ford put TWO catalytic converters on 1989 BII? Got two BII's and they both have two..Gonna try to cut one set off, haven't had a muffler on her in years..And are ALL stock exhaust support to be 2.25", Think about trying to put a Red Hot Muffler afterwards..THE O2 Sensor is before...
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    1989 bii

    Put about 3 quarts of diesel fuel in oilpan, hope it does eat up anything important. will drain after 2 days and see how much crud comes out.I also going to check the oil level sensor is clean, was caked up when I put back in..
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    1989 bii

    I hope I can pull my 2.9L out off my BII.I tried to flush out the oilpump screen w/o pulling the pan,now she seems to be locked-up.Gona try to pull engine and flush out the screen.Any ideas of the best solvent to clean her with, remember she sat for 7 yrs and looks like crude from Quake State...
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    gunk in oilpan

    I failed to remove the oilpan, poured gas into the pan and let it soak for 6 hrs. Will pour ATF and oil after letting the gas in pan evaporate out and drain off. What happened to detergent motor oil? Word of advice NEVER put Quaker State Oil in ANYTHING!!! The reason I dropped the pan was to try...
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    gunk in oilpan

    What is the easiest way to remove gunk from an oilpan? this BII sat up for 7 yrs. I am thinking about Easy-Off to remove the dried oil from my oilpan.Also soak the pan in gas for a day or two.Spray the crank and inside with Easy-Off to looosen up the Old Quaker State. ANY IDEAS Will be...
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    NCSI:LA/ Bronco II

    Was I the only one that noticed a BII in the latest episode of NCSI/LA? It was in the background when the agents went to a commune to find a witness to a murder. So COOL...
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    '88 running boards, seat, door panels

    Try to find a pull-a-part junk yard locally, and you might have to paint plastic parts. Lmc has a web site and parts catalog, also ranger station will tell you witch seats will fit. Good luck...
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    oil pan

    Can I just take the distributor cap and rotor off when I lift up the motor to drop the oil pan? I read that I need to d/c the intake tube,remove the fan shoud,d/c the exhaust manifols from the exhaust and take the motor mounts loose. I don't want to pull the whole distributor, the shaft inside...
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    duals for 2.9

    How hard is it to put dual exhaust on BII with a dummy case? Does it help with gas mileage and performance? Is it worth the MONEY?
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    Why would someone time a BII 2.9 off by one cylinder? I tried to time starting at 1, but she wouldn't start. No power to pull off, but starts, do I need to pull the distributor and begin with No. 1 and advance until I get to 12 degrees TDC? Also valves are knocking. Just a driveway(shade tree)...
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    Water in cab

    Check your gasket around the BIG side windows, the gasket shrinks with age, so water(rain) gets in and goes to the lowest point(front floor boards)
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    How hard is it to replace a clutch in a 89 bronco

    OReilly's has the best price and ALL the parts in their Clutch Set. Also inspect your fly wheel for scuffs and gouges.Better to get polished and turned while you have every thing apart than have to tear down again. GOOD LUCK and Have LOTS of patience. Take time to doit right, and you won't have...
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    eliminate dummy case

    didn't ya'll have a tech tip on getting rid of dummy case on 2wd BII'S and putting a one piece from a ranger. I thought I might get a couple more MPG if I do this.Also it should make the BII about 75-100 lbs lighter.
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    Oil pump/screen

    Anybody have any luck cleaning the screen by simply dropping the oil pan and either removing the screen or blowing it out with air. I am working on 1989 BII by my self with no helper and no friends to assist me. Got a half-brother but he likes to be paid in natural light, and just adds to the...
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    1989 bii

    Told to put a whole can of seafoam into the crankcase(oil) I put half but valves still ticking, but sensor is showing good oil pressure. Don't have $$$$ to put a 4.0L into BII. I have another 1989 BII that I been driving 4& years that I love bought 2nd one for fishing.
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    1989 bii

    1989 b ii Replaced plugs, rewired time still losing power, I guess I need to check compression. I can get her up to about 25mph, but no pulling off power, HELP...
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    1989 bii

    Replaced oil pressure sensor, got oil pressure in mid range, replaced plenum gaskets on intake no vacuum leaks, YEA!!! Will change plugs soon, she is running well but still changing Ilde speed, MORE Seafoam in new gas tank will try to pour injection cleaner into intake, THANKS FOR ALL YA'LLS...