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  1. JerryC

    Moved up to a Bronco Raptor.

    Three months in and I really have/had only one thing that has really bothered me. The visibility through the rear view mirror. The 37' spare tire and third brake light just take up so much of the view. Cars disappear behind you in the blind spot. I wasn't bothered with either of Sasquatched...
  2. JerryC

    87 BII dying and starting issues

    Check the connections at the fuel tank, they can get corroded. Check that brass float actually floats. If it's bad, there's a jeep float made of plastic that fits. Search my old threads as I think I documented that here. Eventually the sending unit fail and you just have to get a new one...
  3. JerryC

    Moved up to a Bronco Raptor.

    I generally like black fenders but that Raptor looks good. Did you run the numbers?
  4. JerryC

    Moved up to a Bronco Raptor.

    Ya, Sticker on my 23 was close to 96K. Dealers were adding ADMs and getting it so Ford said "Ok, we'll raise the MSRP" and pretty much stopped ADM in most of the country. Next the end of low interest rates and boom! They are suddenly available to regular people and not just the best buddies of...
  5. JerryC

    Moved up to a Bronco Raptor.

    Thanks, Depending on your area you can negotiate as even the Raptors aren't moving like they used to. Mine was an abandoned order and it sat out front of the dealer for three weeks before i called about it. This got me thinking that it was probably ordered two years ago and with price...
  6. JerryC

    Moved up to a Bronco Raptor.

    Traded 2 broncos for a Bronco Raptor. We took it for a test drive and the burning question of "is it that much better than a Wildtrak or Badlands?" was answered quickly. The only way we could make it happen was by trading both to get the payment down where we needed it. All tolled, payment and...
  7. JerryC

    All interior lights not working

    If you want a common place to check first, the dome light. Check the head light switch and plug for melting. The dimmer in the headlight switch might be bad.
  8. JerryC

    Bronco Noob

    Ebay is your friend. Start by getting the Ford Service manuals.
  9. JerryC

    My 2023 Big Bend 😎

    Got it done... These are the less expensive of the two seemingly identical amber fogs on Amazon, $79.99 , that are a direct replacement for the factory fogs in the capable bumper. They aren't amber LEDs, just have an amber lens. Plug and play, they are adjustable that's a plus. Install was...
  10. JerryC

    Rear speakers

    Oldish thread but for future reference check Crutchfield for fitment. i went this route years ago, got everything I needed from them and nothing I didn't need. They also send detailed instructions.
  11. JerryC

    Out with the old...

    When I bought mine, i knew it was rough, but boy did I underestimate the level of work I would put into it. After a year of near nightly tinkering I was grumbling about it and the wife says "Well, you said you wanted something to keep you busy." Women don't forget anything when they can use it...
  12. JerryC

    My 2023 Big Bend 😎

    Reminds me that i have a set of amber fog lights for mine. That supposedly are direct bolt-on replacement for lights in the capable bumper. Cheap amazon lights that don't come with instructions but look easy enough to install.
  13. JerryC

    What did you do to your '21+ Bronco today?

    Temp dropped here to the low 40's. Eight psi low, put air into the tires to get them back to 39psi. Should interesting next week when the highs are supposed to hit 78.
  14. JerryC

    Catalytic converter needed?

    If you don't have cat installed, expect to experience the smelly and eye watering experience we all had before the 80's :) I had an exhaust shop put a much less expensive after market cat on my BII. We don't have inspections here.
  15. JerryC

    Radiator swap questions

    The hose looks wrong. My 88 has an extra bend on the radiator side. Dealer put the radiator and hose on several years ago so I can't be 100% sure that it is an OEM shape replacement. But you can get the parts house to pull a hose for an 88 and check it out.
  16. JerryC

    What did you do to your '21+ Bronco today?

    Why not? To make you buy the package with Blind Spot monitoring. :)
  17. JerryC

    Died, won’t start… again.

    I think an hour or two tops for the whole job. He probably just needs to pull the top half. This might be a good thing too. One of the major problems with mine was that gasket between top and bottom of the intake cracked and made a big vacuum leak. You can get yours replaced now and not have...
  18. JerryC

    Died, won’t start… again.

    If we "assume" it has enough compression and a strong enough spark... It's either fuel or timing. Starter fluid replaces fuel. Timing could be either spark or valve or both. I don't remember if the 2.9 is an interference engine or not. If yes and the timing chain jumped enough to not fire at...
  19. JerryC

    Dash Turn Signal Indicator Light Not Flashing

    My service manual for my '88 shows a diff cluster, I can't say for sure.
  20. JerryC

    Dash Turn Signal Indicator Light Not Flashing

    That was TW205, not me :) I've had the cluster out on my '88 but that was a few years ago. All I remember is that speedo cable was fidly. If somebody here can tell you which way to get it loose that would big help as you can't see it. The previous owner had busted the bezel up some by...