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1989 bronco II, 1992 explorer dash wiring swap question


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Dec 22, 2018
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I have an 89 bII that I'm swapping a 4.0 into. The donor was a 1992 explorer both automatic. I pulled the motor, trans, fuel lines,complete engine bay harness and computer and also was able to get the harness from the dash of the explorer but the dash itself was destroyed. My question is about the harness and wiring, I've read some many different directions people have taken to do the swap when it comes to the wiring. Can I just swap the harness in the engine bay as well as the dash harness and be good to go ? I don't have the gauge cluster from the explorer so I would have to use my dash and cluster from my bII and just swap in the harness from the explorer. I feel as though it would work as long as the gauge cluster doesn't affect anything and as long as the wiring coming from the dash going to the back of the bII for the rear windshield wiper and lights etc was the same. Anyone that could maybe give me an idea if this should work I would greatly appreciate it.